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Thread: Need Suggestions on Duel Sport Tourer

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    Royal Enfield 500cc thumper? Those things are everywhere. (Including the Himalayas!)

    Since the OP's trip has been done ad nauseum, a side hack might be a fresh approach...
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    Quote Originally Posted by NORTY View Post
    Royal Enfield 500cc thumper? Those things are everywhere. (Including the Himalayas!)
    Well sure yeah, they're lying around all over the place. Sometimes even in one piece.
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    Sorry for the super late response. Thanks for all of the advice! Hi Tom!!!! I've still been researching my options and didn't have the time or money to do any long distance riding yet. This is going to have to be a fall/winter project that I plan for next year... As I consider my original question, I guess I was asking for too much in one bike. If only there was a bike that was like a transformer robot. Hah! The best and cheapest idea seemed to be to use my vmax to pull a dirt bike. Lol! The deer-hunting sidecar deal was a bit much but boy would that make for some great video entertainment... the makings of a tv show!!!! I wasn't so much worried about gravel roads as dirt/mud rides but maybe I'm thinking more of places out find in other countries. I was kinda picturing myself like those dudes who ride around the country until there's not much left of the bikes by trip end. A bike that could easily be fixed with nothing but duct tape would be great. Lol!

    So, I made a list of all suggestions and am comparing options. Now I'm also trying to decide if maybe I should just focus more on something that can pull a camper trailer or just do some backcountry backpacking instead of depending on a bike to get me there. Somebody mentioned that if I'll be doing more hard road riding that it may not be with worth compromising to accommodate off-road. That makes sense. The one thing about riding in the dirt is that it will get me farther faster but there's so much I might miss zooming past all the cool bugs I'd see on walks. Too many options and ways I can do what I want to do. Either way, I'm trying to figure out what would be most functional, versatile and comfortable... and would make for a really good story. Oh yeah, and cheap and easy. Decisions... decisions...

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