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Thread: Foggy Goggles

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    Foggy Goggles

    Hi everyone, I have a question about the foggy goggle thing.

    I tried the dish soap recommendation of putting a thin layer on and then completely wiping it off, and it doesn't seem to work. I did that the night before I rode for a couple of days and the inside still gets fogged.

    Does it have to be a certain kind of liquid dish soap, or is there some ingredient in there that does the trick?

    Otherwise, I'll be looking into regular anti-fog products, rather than my attempt at a "Dr.'s Book of Home Remedies"-style solution. I already had the dish soap and decided to give it a shot.

    Any input is awesome. Thanks!

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    Here in lays the answer. It is not a soap or some sort of liquid to be sprayed on that willprevent fogging.

    Actually I noted it in photos of the chaps road racing in the UK & Europe & that would be way back in '47.

    It works for goggles, glasses, to partial visors & full face helmets & said visors. So one obtains a large bandanna or can cut out a piece of cotton around 27X24". Think of the Western movies you have seen of the cowboys when moving herds of cattle to even hold-ups & said bandanna came up to go over their nose.

    So you fold the bandanna like a diaper & lace it from just under your nose to the nape of the neck. That blocks off air or hot breath from coming out of your mouth. On with helmet & do up the strap that will also tuck in the rest of the bandanna. Basicallly that is it.

    So MOST of my breather in & out will be through the mouth & so the bandanna. Also another trick is tuck in the lower lip, slack the jaw a bit & in that way the breathing out will be in a downward trend. Hey it works.

    It worked for me when riding be it with a baret & goggles, tweed cap & goggles, Cromwell "puddin' basin" crashhelmets of the late 40s to late 50s when the 'Jet' style, open face, helmet first arrived to full face helmets. Especially now that I also wear bifocal glasses as well.

    Two other advantages are that you will not feel the cold air hitting your throat not will it be going up into the helmet.

    Weather is a bit warmer, yet still cool, well try pushing the bandanna down to below lower lip level & you will still obtain the warmth at the neck level & still not cold air going up into the helmet.

    If you have a visor then the trick is to keep that 100% clean & scratch free which can be done only that is another trick I can tell if so asked.

    I have three sportbikes & under the saddle of each is such a bandanna in the Spring & in Autumn time. Also a small washbasin towel that can also be used to ward off the wind & will keep rain from running down your neck to hit your jersy. Also I carry small cotten cloths along with Plastic Protectant Cleaner so as to keep my visor 100% clean.
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    Hub got me this stuff called....

    wait for it....

    cat crap.

    For Christmas.

    From REI... *hiss spit*

    I'm sure you could get it elsewhere...

    I haven't got around to treating my stuff yet -it's been pretty warm lately, but I shall give it a try on my glasses and let you know how it goes.

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    I use fine for me....I've tried cat crap on ski goggles, and it didn't work worth a plans to try it on the face shield.
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    Brotha J

    Anti-Fog Cloth

    I went to a dealer and got an Anti-Fog Cloth.
    Cheap, like 2.50 plus tax.
    It works well on the visor, not so well on my glasses. But any eyeglass place has an anti-fog spray.
    Cheap, like 2 bucks plus tax.
    Course, if you've got money to blow...
    ...try the Fog City insert for your visor.

    Brotha J!

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    brotha j,

    how does the spray work on your glasses? i have a fog problem but only with my eyeglasses, not with the visor.

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    I know it's not recommended but I use Rain-X really does work.


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