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Thread: Never ridden, kind of know what I want

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    Quote Originally Posted by DUISparky View Post
    That's the one! I miss that bike ...
    imagine what one in this condition is worth now,
    should'a bought 1 and sealed it in wax

    OP: see all the love even a little 305 can bring

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    Two or three things to add. First, the Basic Rider Class starts people off in a way that a person who has never ridden a motorcycle before will soon be tooling around the course with no trouble at all. The shifting process is very subtle the way they teach it. Like, every time you go to the end of the line behind others in the class to do an exercise, you will using the clutch, and the shifter, shifthing down, and the brakes, and then when you start forward to do an exercise, you will again be shifting up, and sometimes shifting down. Within an hour you won't even have to think it, it will just become automatic. Lots and lots of shifting and braking in the class. Second. Your bike choices look good to me. The dynamics of riding a 250cc cruiser or standard motorcycle is not the same as a a sport bike. You can start on a 650cc V-Star, but not on a 650cc sport bike. They have very different control dynamics. Third, all the gear all the time (ATGATT), no matter what the weather is. In my area, the really good sport bike riders (the ones who ride too fast in the twisties), they wear all the gear all the time. The posers and dingle berries ride sport bikes in my area wearing T shirts, shorts, and tennis shoes.

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