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Thread: Motorcycle Safety Foundation's Basic RiderCourse (MSF's BRC) - a review

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    Quote Originally Posted by OBX-RIDER View Post
    put the whiffer in the dilly

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    Quote Originally Posted by phendric View Post
    Do you mean lane sharing or lane splitting (or are they the same thing)? Either way, there was no discussion about either topic. As far as CA laws are concerned, the DMV's motorcycle handbook states that lane sharing (where a car comes into your lane in the same space you're in) is not safe, and that you should position yourself near the middle of the lane to discourage it. I think it also talks about lane splitting (you riding between rows of cars when there's heavy traffic) and also states that it's not safe. I think that it's perfectly legal to split lanes, though. A lot of motorcyclists do it.
    Yes, lane splitting, filtering, sharing, whatever the official term is. Wondered if they discussed it, and their stance on it.

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