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Thread: 2011 West Side Rally and Colorado Tour - Pictures

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    2011 West Side Rally and Colorado Tour - Pictures

    Mostly a topic to put up the pictures. Not much to say...

    Start off the morning with a ride up the Cimarron Canyon, and over the first pass of the trip.

    Through Taos to the Grande Gorge Bridge

    Many of the photos this year will seem a bit hazy or smoggy due to the multiple and severe forest fires in the region. I always do a stop at this point, some years are deep snow.

    Continental Divide near Chama, New Mexico.

    Navajo Lake.

    Staking out lawn spots.

    Chaos on the bike pad.

    The only motorcycle to attend all six West Side Rallies.

    Not sure who rode this.
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    Day 2:

    Some time overnight the forest brownies took the bikes out for rides and were much more particular about parking than the human riders had been.

    And off on the 6th Annual Beginner Bikers dot Org West Side Rally Ride... First scenic stop, Molas Pass.

    The other two-thirds of the Cruiser Group:

    The Apex of the day, Red Mountain Pass.

    Chuck and Morgan taking a rest.

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    Chuck and Morgan look tired!
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    Day 2, Continued:

    Ouray, Colorado.

    Two pictures from Dallas Divide, a Cruiser Group Exclusive Stop this year.

    One of the most open scenic stops on the loop ride, Lizard Head Pass:

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    Seems like there was more snow this year. True or am I getting old/senile?
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    Nope, definitely more snow this year. There were snowballs in the Molas Pass parking lot. That and it was nearly frickin freezin up there...

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    Day 3 is the unscripted, unsupervised, unpredictable do-what-you-want day, with BBO riders scattering out all across the Durango and Four Corners region. Group rides, solo rides, no rides...

    Greg, Repeater, and I take off for Navajo Lake Dam, stopping along the way for a fluid refill. Being down here isn't like the high mountains. The Eclectic Group, one Sportbike, one Cruiser, and one "Other."

    Greg and Repeater head off to the north in search of cooler temps at a mountain lake, while I head south into the New Mexico heat.

    Dulce Lake.

    Most traffic on this highway is usually gasfield/oilfield vehicles, but being Sunday...

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    More snow in Colorado, much less snow than normal in Northern New Mexico. The pull-off on Day 1, some years the snow is drifted over the picnic tables.
    I seem to recall only one past year that had more snow on Red Mountain Pass.

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    Not happy with this camera.

    Camera was apparently set to "Vivid," which did not work so well. But since it only takes jpegs, I'm stuck with it in these pics, no changing the camera settings after-the-fact. Definitely shopping for a better unit, something that shoots in RAW and with some basic controls, but hopefully still in a sub-compact body.

    Any suggestions?

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    Day 4, Colorado Solo Tour:

    Wolf Creek Pass. This is the first time ever that the informational sign wasn't mobbed by Texans (Hwy 160 traffic is usually miserable, not so much this year), so the only time I've gotten a bike shot on this pass.

    Wagon Wheel Gap:

    Scenic pull-over.

    Traffic-free ride up Spring Creek Pass:

    Slumgullion Pass, 11,500' high and in the middle of a snowdrift-filled forest.

    This is Slumgullion Slide as seen from an informational overlook. Main slide was 850 years ago, creating a large lake below. Secondary slide is still active and moving at 20' per year.

    Fish hatchery between Gunnison and Crested Butte.


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