I got the Tourmaster heated vest and gloves from Santa this year. It was 22 degrees on the way home last night. I was doing about 75 mph on the turnpike so it was a bit nippy out. The gear is very nice. Had the vest at the midrange temperature, and I was nice and toasty. The carbon fiber micro wire system works great. The vest should be snug and all I had on underneath was the recommended t-shirt. I was wearing my Tourmaster Pivot jacket and was totally comfortable. The vest works so well that there are times I have to put it on the lowest setting. The gloves run small. They were very uncomfortable the first two times I had them on. Hands went to sleep (tingly). I am glad though that I did not order them larger because now they fit like a second skin and are totally comfortable. They have a seperate temperature control that mounts on the cuff of the right glove. Hands are at a comfortable temperature when riding. I do however experience a little numbness when they are up too high. Mid range heat last night was beautiful. Have worn then when it was really cold and they were nice at the higher heat setting. All in all a nice investment and more reasonable than the gerbing which I had before. Am very much looking forward to the permanent break in the weather, this winter was a bitch.