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Thread: Adjusting Rear Preload Suspension (Newbie)

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    Adjusting Rear Preload Suspension (Newbie)

    Hello All,

    I have a 2007 yamaha virago (v-star) 250 that I've recently purchased. It is a small cruiser with a preload rear suspension. I am trying to change the rear suspension to its factory setting, but I can't figure out how to do this. I've tried twisting with screwdrivers and wrenches for leverage, but I keep stripping the metal. I'm wondering if I'm doing this wrong,please help!

    Here's a picture (not mine) of what I'm looking at.

    Again, I am completely mechanically incompetent, thank you for your patience.

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    Does your bike have the factory toolkit on it? If so, there should be a tool in it for making this adjustment. I don't know the Virago 250 well, but it looks like that lug brazed on to the adjuster would have something to do with it. Also look to see if there is a notch in the top outside edge of the adjuster; if so, there should be a tool in the kit to fit that.
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    So, I'm obviously incorrect.

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    I do have a factory toolkit, but there's no tool for this adjustment. Also, there's no notch that I can see. I've tried cranking on the lug but it won't budge.

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    You're looking for a tool that looks something like this:

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    put the whiffer in the dilly

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    If the photo is of a shock like yours, the proper tool is a metal dowel. It's often in the tool kit as the crossbar for the spark plug wrench. The dowel inserts fully into the round boss on the shock collar and functions as a handle to twist the collar. The lug on the shock body indexes into the notches on the collar.

    Make sure that the collar and shock body are as clean as possible. Grit in this area can make the collar a bear to turn. Sometimes a shot of WD 40 can help get things moving.

    Also check that the adjuster is not already in the 'highest' position. There should be a notch beyond the lug on the shock body, something for the collar to ramp up into. For the shock in the photo, the dowel would be pulled outward, toward you. You can see at least three higher levels of preload notches available.

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