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Thread: suzuki gs300l rear sprocket

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    suzuki gs300l rear sprocket

    hello all. I just got my first bike. Its an 82 suzuki gs300l. I was just wondering if anyone knew about the modification of these bikes. I'm looking for a smaller rear sprocket. I don't really know where to go to get any info on them. How are they sized, fitted, etc? I'm really into customizing and modifying anything that I own. If anyone knows where to go to get parts and stuff for these, let me know. Thank you all very much in advance. I look forward to hearing from anyone....

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    Google "Sprocket Specialists" they offer a variety of cogs for various bikes out there.

    Just curious, how many teeth smaller are you aiming for? A small engine typically doesn't have a lot of power to sacrafice for such mods, meaning a feathered clutch will often be mandated to get the bike moving from a stop (re: premature clutch wear).
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