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Thread: Finally, after seven months, a job!

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    Finally, after seven months, a job!

    Whoo! I can afford to ride my bike again! It's not much, but in the northern California economy, I'll take anything.

    Edit: My quote below still stands. A second job would be nice.
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    I have a job!

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    Suh-weet! Congrats on the job, times are really tough if you're looking for work.
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    Hey, at my age running hot and loss of spark is a common problem.
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    Indeed. At six months, I turned in an application to a McDonalds that I knew was hiring. They never called me back.
    (I probably shouldn't have put my BA on that application.)
    ((None of the Denny's are even hiring in my area))
    I have a job!

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    Congrats on the job!

    (And I was always told BA was 'would you like fries with that')
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    Quote Originally Posted by expatbrit View Post
    Congrats on the job!

    (And I was always told BA was 'would you like fries with that')
    It kinda is in this area. I talked to several HR managers in the course of job-hunting, and from what they're saying, any sub-$10/hr job, a college degree is over-qualifying me, and anything +$10/hr, I'm getting beaten by people with Master's degrees.
    I have a job!

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    Congrats, and in this economy something to tie you over is better than nothing.
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    My condolences.

    I'd rather be riding!

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    Congrats on the employment. Some sort of job that pays more than unemployment is better than none in this economy. If you look at the population demographics today, about 12,000 people are turning 62 EVERY DAY. This translates into an aging population that is spending less on much of what has made this country grow and prosper for the last 60+ years. The result is less demand for all kinds of services and products including autos and homes, two of the biggest job generators in this country. The world is changing and your only hope is to ride a motorcycle. My mind and attention span wanders at this point.
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    It isn't pretty out there... congrats on finding something.

    PS If you really want a job at McDonald's or Denny's and don't want them to blink at your BA... tell them you majored in theater.

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    congrats to you!
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