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Thread: What to Expect from a Beginners Course (The Novella)

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmet190 View Post
    I tried to relax today but I felt like extremely nervous every single time I rode the bike. Tomorrow is test day. I honestly don't know if I will pass or not. My riding skills aren't great to put it mildly.
    If I may be bold: STOP THINKING ABOUT IT. It's not about passing it's about learning. Ride the bike. Relax. STAY OUT OF YOUR OWN HEAD. (OK, I'm not being bold, I'm using caps...but the intent is to be forceful but not yell.)

    Ride. Don't worry about who's looking or how it will look if you do/don't pass--just focus on yourself. You'll find the 2nd day will probably be easier, you'll be rested, you'll be riding better and things actually start clicking. Don't go looking for failure--look where you want to go--learning to ride! The REAL test is to look at yourself at the end of the last exercise of the last day and ask: "IF I had tried that 48 hours ago could I have done it?" The answer will be: "COOL. I learned sumthing!"
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    Well I passed. I was very nervous but once I got through the figure 8 I knew I would pass. Do I think I am ready for the open road? No. I need to practice quite a bit more before I'll be ready. For a week or so I'm going to hit a couple of empty parking lots and work on my skills to make sure I'm not going to stall the bike or any other areas I need to work on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ds5160 View Post
    I think this is important to note. I went into the class knowing this, but someone else was extremely upset that he did not pass the class. Watching this person ride, I am glad he did not pass.
    I had two of these in my BRC, folks that I was glad they did not pass the evaluation. Not because I wished bad things for them, but because it seemed like they were gonna get themselves into a LOT of trouble if they went on the road. Both of them had what they generously called 'experience' in the past, and it seemed like their biggest issues stemmed from the fact that they just were not listening to the RC. Our RC had to stop several drills and re-explain the instructions, because these two would nod their head as if they had heard every word, and then promptly went and did whatever they wanted to do. One of the two, however, was livid that he did not pass the eval, calling the BRC a waste of time and money. Part of me hopes that this 'failure' discouraged them both from trying to get their license, again not because I dont want them to have nice things, but just because I dont want them to become statistics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EquipoAzul View Post
    ... Part of me hopes that this 'failure' discouraged them both from trying to get their license, again not because I dont want them to have nice things, but just because I dont want them to become statistics.
    Or, they could just return to riding around on just their permits, being a danger to themselves and others.
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    Wow that's really great i like it..Tnx for the info. it really helps me a lot for be careful in using motorcycle..

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    Quote Originally Posted by mz33 View Post
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    I'd like to add that this is where you ask questions and don't be afraid to ask them either. I think I asked about 30 questions for both riding classes from the instructors. Also, don't take anything they say to you personally.

    For the evaluation, we were all in line waiting for it to start. I remember a suggestion I read online that said to relax and take deep breaths. I believe this did indeed help me to relax.


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