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Thread: Law about parking on sidewalk/in front of business's?

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    Law about parking on sidewalk/in front of business's?

    I live in Florida and I see a fairly often occurrence of motorcycles parking on business sidewalks or the sidewalk in front of a business. Like a frequent thing is some motorcycles/sportbikes parking near the box office of a movie theatre if the theatre has a large/long front promenade.

    Is this allowed or legal? I looked all over the Florida Motorcycle Law handbook and couldn't find anything to reference to/from.

    Just asking because I would love to park up there but at the same time I don't want to catch an asshole cop one day who has me towed when he's doing a parking lot cruise.

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    Unless an area specifically states that parking is allowed, it is best to assume it is not a legal parking area.
    Legally motorcycles should follow the same parking laws as other vehicles, unless otherwise posted.

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    Depends on whether the area in question is public or private property.

    Movie parking lots are generally privately owned.
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    Depends on local laws and customs

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    yeah I was told by a few people to just ask Property/Store/Location Managers if it's ok. Because I know the Theatre here in Ocala has motorcycles parked on it's sidewalk up by the theatre doors all the time. I'm going to ask some LEO's here locally and see what they say.

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    Parking laws are some of the most difficult to deal with. I'll ask students when we're covering parking the bike, "How many bikes can you park in a single parking spot?" The answer is... "It depends!"

    Within 40 miles of my house, the rules vary from "as many as you can fit" to exactly ONE, parked parallel to the curb. And the only way to know the difference is to talk to the person who has the ticket book.

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    I'd assume it varies state by state, but in Texas, it seems like it's up to the building owners/management. I work for a bank, and I park my bike on the side of it all the time, and cops come by all the time. No one has said anything.

    But, with that being said, I park it out of the way, as to not obstruct anyone, and I CERTAINLY wouldn't do anything to prevent a wheelchair from passing by (although in that particular spot, a passing by wheelchair would just have to turn around anyway, or risk hitting a wall....).

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    Cities usually have regulations about what can be on a sidewalk at a business, no matter what the business owner would be OK with. You have a zillion laws helping disabled people who need for space enough on a sidewalk to turn around, to pass by another person in a wheelchair. Fire departments need access to businesses in case of medical and fire emergencies. I park only where other vehicles are allowed to park, or in specific motorcycle designated places.

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    Keep in mind too, whatever the legality, where your bike can be an invitation to mess with it. Lots of people walk by those bikes on the sidewalk. The big thing around here is the squids on super sports parking them on the sidewalks downtown around the clubs. How many drunks stumble by those things - piss in the helmets, sit on them, trip over the front wheels ....

    I've come out to my bike to find a kid sitting on it - with his dad standing next to him. If the kid hadn't been there, he would have had a helmet indention across his forehead. Instead we had a "little chat" about other's personal property.
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    Legally? Sidewalks are NEVER a legal parking area for motorized vehicles.
    Is it enforced? On private property usually not, unless the business owner complains.

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