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Thread: Checked out a Ninja 250 today - it was making a buzzing sound (wouldn't start)

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    Sounds good. More miles isn't always a bad thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SKnight View Post
    Cold start with no choke? Sounds like the carbs are in pretty good shape. One with miles is a far better sign than one that has been sitting.

    Congrats, and be safe!
    Thanks! The seller told me the bike was sitting for a few days so I would be doing the first start, only way I could confirm was to put my hand around the engine and indeed it wasn't any warmer than ambient.

    Quote Originally Posted by Suomi View Post
    Sounds good. More miles isn't always a bad thing.
    Absolutely - hopefully other new riders looking for a bike will learn from my experience. Less miles can be WORSE than more!

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    Congratulations! Pics please!
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