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Thread: Random Picture Thread

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    ( not me silly! )
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    In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.

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    Mine comes with a POEM!!!

    Ode To My Cloaca

    My cloaca my cloaca
    i have but one cloaca.

    I poop, i pee, i even welcome thee
    through my cloaca my cloaca.

    I thought I'd share my cloaca
    just for your for sake- a.

    thank you very much

    The Mags
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    Molly Irvin RIP

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    Ashley and me....

    A Valentines Day cake I made years ago...

    At Graceland...
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    What am I doing
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    It's got to be lonely being the only person with a paper bag in place of a head and neck. I think this might be the woman who had a face transplant a couple of months ago.

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    2003 YamahaV-Star XVS650 White Goose....SOLD!

    Quote Originally Posted by ncgal_in_mo View Post
    Srsly...a gal just can't be mad for long at a guy whose name is SUPERWOODY!
    1992 Vulcan 500 SOLD! ........ sniff, sniff)

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    ^^^Oh that is great!!! Where there is a will....... LOL!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superwoody View Post
    Redneck engineering....
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    Still in the market. Free is good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superwoody View Post
    *image saved*upload to photobucket*

    I can never find that picture when I'm looking for it!
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    I need this tattoo....

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