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Thread: Random Picture Thread

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    Random Picture Thread

    My husband is a member of another forum that has a random picture thread and it provides some great comic relief. So I thought I'd start our own here at BBO!

    Since it is VD, I thought I'd give you all a big, wet, sloppy kiss...
    Attachment 1842

    And now one with some tongue....
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    *These photos brought to you from Wild Animal Safari at Pine Mountain, GA.
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    Gaaah! What animal is that? Woo wee! Got really close there, with the camera!

    Here's my random pic:

    (Courtesy of a restaurant in Tokyo, Japan 2007. I wanted to eat there but my companions pulled me away down the street)
    Restita ("Rusty")

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    I swear, boobs just get in the way. I wish they were modular.

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    This has to be one we've taken right? "VD"-day!!
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    Srsly...a gal just can't be mad for long at a guy whose name is SUPERWOODY!
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    This has to be one we've taken right? "VD"-day!!
    Not necessarily. Whatever picture strikes your fancy to share with us.

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    [QUOTE=heather;589571]My husband is a member of another forum that has a random picture thread QUOTE] Say, what forum is it?
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    Thanks for starting this...

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