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Thread: Motorcycle, Pickup, and ramps?

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    Dirt bikes are easy (at least the lighter 2 smokers)....pop em up on a wheelie, load the front in the truck, have someone hold front wheel steady & lift swingarm up, push into bed. Unloading, grab swingarm & just below seat, pull backwards let drop and lean against you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by slacer View Post
    The reason I'm looking into it is because I have a short bed truck which is 5'5" in length - don't really want a bike in the back with the gate down.
    Not a problem, I've hauled a VLX and a Ninja 250 at the same time with the tailgate down.
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    put the whiffer in the dilly

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    Hey, did this thread ever have an ending?
    Don't leave us hanging!

    Quote Originally Posted by subvetSSN606 View Post
    ... I wouldn't worry about the [truck bed] gate being down. I've hauled bikes hundreds of miles that way with no problems... although the weight was in the bed not on the gate... just couldn't close the gate. The major disadvantage to hauling it in a pick-up is getting it up and down the ramp safely.
    I was stunned one day when a guy pulled up next to me in a plaza parking lot with a Harley Fat Boy loaded into the bed of his Ford Ranger (a smallish truck, which also is what I drive). He was from some faraway state, and said he always carries his bike like that, no problem. Has a ramp and rides with the gate down (essential), and says the only issue is finding a spot with a little rise to load/offload more easily.
    I've done the bed-load with my Rebel, no worries; and thought about it with the Sportster. Not so much with the Softail (although the Fat Boy is a heavier model of Softail).
    But it's usually far easier to borrow a trailer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mediajackl View Post
    Hey, did this thread ever have an ending?
    Don't leave us hanging!
    an ending..... I didn't even start it

    I'll probably just get a ramp (gonna have to measure first, rather have it straight than diagonal in the bed)) until such time as i'm required to load/unload it on a constant basis, or I get rid of the truck (then it would be a carrier or trailer).
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    I dont worry about putting half of my rear tire on my tailgate. Most of our bikes are less than 500lbs total. Thats like two big dudes. Would you think twice about sitting on your tailgate and having a brew with a bud? or whatever you do sitting on tailgates?

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    Who told you my tailgate stories????? Huh? Huh?????
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