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Thread: Riding Chilly?

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    Riding Chilly?

    I did my morning commute this morning, and I'm still trying to warm up! It's currently 0C here, which is 32F for you south of the border.

    Any hints on warmer riding gear? The beginning and end of my riding season here is pretty chilly. My jacket with it's full sleeve liner and JR Alter Ego pants with the zip in rain fly are pretty good. Keep me nice and toasty.

    However, I get lots of wind in my face, even with my shield down. MY HJC helmet doesn't have a little gaurd thinger at the bottom. I tend to wear a scarf unless I forget, like this morning.

    My hikers aren't too bad - though I want to buy a pair of waterproof motorcycle boots next year - might be warmer in the mornings. My gloves are JR as well - not long cuff (which might help, can't find any that fit my small man fingers though) and aren't perforated, which makes them suck on warm days, but are still not very warm on cold ones.

    Any hints anyone else uses for riding in the chilly conditions before frost or snow forces you to put your bike away for the winter?

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    A balalclava, scarf, or bandana is all I use to keep my face and neck warm. Long cuff non perforated gloves are required, even better would be insulated gloves if you're not going electric.
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    A "balaclava" - another name for a "ski-mask" - for your face under the helmet. It might help keep your face and head warm. Also suggest ear plugs for 2 reasons - wind noise and keeps you warm.

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    Snowmobile gloves if you don't have handguards or grip warmers.
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    awesome post Zeit00! I have to admit, I did the posting w/o searching thing I'm so unfond of.

    I want to find a light balaclava, I have a snowmobiling neck-gaiter ordered, prolly won't arrive until the snow does though - but it'll be good for next year.

    Here's hoping to get another couple weekends of riding in before the snow flies!

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    Quote Originally Posted by suprspi View Post
    ... I have a snowmobiling neck-gaiter ordered, prolly won't arrive until the snow does though - but it'll be good for next year.
    You mean you stop riding when the snow comes?!? I've heard of people who do that...

    Careful selection of gear makes winter riding quite doable, especially gear that will fit over your armor. I have armored cold-weather pants, as well as actual snow gear, so temps down to -5F are ride able. Just avoid the ice and snow...

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    layers . . . I think I remember that RockyMtnRoadRash had posted up a thread in the past about dressing for colder or unpredictable weather . . . . Todd, oh Todd . . . where is that thread.

    One thing that would get me chilly was cold air flowing through the zipper on the front of my leathers. A section pulled out of the morning newspaper placed between the front zipper and my inner layers worked wonders and blocking airflow and keeping me warm.
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    +1 on the balaclava, a very good idea for riding in the cold. I find when riding in the cold, the first two places to feel the freeze are the hands and the ::ahem:: frontal region. So a good pair of gloves and some kind of pants are a plus. Take my wisdom with a grain of salt, I ride year round in CA.
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    We have ridden the Wing at the freezing mark. Joe Rocket Ballistic pants and jackets with good thermal underwear. My feet are good in my waterproof motorcycle boots but my regular leather gloves are too cold, wear a pair with thinsulate. My face gets cold too. My snowmobile neck gaiter and/or full face helmet fixes that. I've also worn my leather snowmobile suit, now that was warm, tad bulky though!
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