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Thread: My name is Missy and I drive an SUV...

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    Question My name is Missy and I drive an SUV...

    ....and sometimes I even talk on my cell phone. My kids dont play soccer yet, but yes, someday I might even be the dreaded soccer mom. In the meantime, I am distracted by them telling me about the cement mixer we just drove by or asking 1000 other questions about any other subject matter I dont know any more than they do. eg: What happened in that accident? Why is that guy riding his bike on the side of the road...etc. You get the point. My drives with the kids are never quiet. LOL

    And still, I manage to not run anyone off the road, or cut in front of other drivers. I am generally a very good driver. Yeah, sure I have a few lapses...just like everyone else....but lately....

    I AM the target for most other drivers. Today a lady cut in front of me so badly I had to slam on my brakes to miss her. I had a following distance between me and the guy in front of me. God forbid. I call it a following distance; others call it a place to park themselves. Literally. Not only did lady cut me off, but then proceeded to go 15 mph below the speed limit. Yup, a whitehead. Most whiteheads have gone north for the summer. Not this one.

    On my way from bringing H to airport this morning, I was in the left hand turn lane. It's one of those intersections where there are 2 left hand turn lanes. Our turn to go left, I proceed to make my left turn, making sure to go wide b/c I dont want to encroach on the inside left turn lane. Well, the lady next to me (a little sedan) didnt feel like it was necessary for her, apparently, to stay in her lane. Again, swerving so I can get out of the way to avoid her, and a few choice words. More questions from kids. Oops.

    So why exactly is it that I get the rap as a mother driving an SUV?? Lately it seems to be something for people to fixate on.

    I dont know why, but just had to vent. When the two things happened this morning, I was thinking of the forum and how us moms in SUVs always get the bad rap with us m/c'ists....when here I am dodging people in my SUV.

    OK, rant over. LOL
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    Not that you are expecting a response or anything , but here is a semi-serious answer.

    SUV's have become quite large, giving a false sense of security to those who drive them. This tends to make them pay less attention to the road creating a very serious hazard. Then add in kids, which are generally transported in SUV's, the cell phone, obligatory Starbucks coffe, lack of vision directly in front of them and you get a combination that's not all that great for anybody in a smaller vehicle, especially those on motorcycles.

    Quite honestly people in SUV's scare the crap out of me. most pay no attention to the road at all because of the security they feel in their SUV. They figure they are safe so why worry about others? I not only ride a motorcycle, but drive a very small car (Scion xA), which people feel they can just shove out of thier way.

    Now for my Rant

    As far as safe following distances, those no longer exist on just about any road with more than two people on them. Everybody on the road seems to think they are Dale Earnhardt in the middle of a NASCAR race and they have a need to not only draft but win the race to where ever they are going. It's a regular occurance for me to see people traveling 70 mph and not be more than 6 feet off the bumper of the person in front of them. This on a 55 mph highway.

    Things I've seen on my way to work at 55 + mph

    -People eating a bowl of cereal, milk and all
    -Men shaving (no shaving cream thank god)
    -People reading the newspaper, reports ect.
    -Women putting on makeup
    -People looking backwards arguing with their kids (generally in SUV's)
    -People trying to figure out their navagation systems, not looking at the road for 20-30+ seconds at a time
    -People trying to find something they dropped and literally bending over into the passanger seat or reaching behind them for extended periods of time

    The funniest/saddest part of it is with all of their aggressive driving, all the weaving in and out of traffic, all the tailgaiting, all the cussing, all the shouting, all the aggression in general, most people make it to their destination in the same amount of time it would have taken then had they just stayed in one lane, relaxed and enjoyed the ride.

    I would love traffic dynamics to become a required course that every liscensed driver has to take on a semi-yearly basis.

    Remember folks, every driver out there is aiming to kill you, regardless of whether on your bike or in your car.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Missy B
    So why exactly is it that I get the rap as a mother driving an SUV?? Lately it seems to be something for people to fixate on.
    Same reason we as motorcyclists sometimes get a bad rap.
    The ones who do it well don't get noticed.
    The ones who ought to have a plexiglass plate installed in their navel so they can see where they're going as they stumble around with their head up their butt, do get noticed.


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    And still, I manage to not run anyone off the road, or cut in front of other drivers. I am generally a very good driver. Yeah, sure I have a few lapses...just like everyone else....but lately....
    Oh so funny you should mention this Missy.
    Something happened to me that really shook me. I know a few people have had this happen to them. I am a careful driver but sometimes we are all human.
    Friday It was a busy day for me I had errands to do. I was out in my not so huge SUV stopped at an intersection. I drive a jeep cherokee. I checked all directions then proceeded to make a left hand turn. My son was with me and yelled Stop Mom! I slammed on my brakes. I almost took out a MC rider! I was in the middle of the intersection when I stopped.

    It is true that sometimes you dont see them. I didn`t hear him either it was a quiet bike my windows were even rolled down. He was wearing a military uniform camo colored with a small reflective belt draped around his shoulder. It was a smaller cruiser and he most likely was a beginning rider. Luckily he had the room to make up for my stupid mistake and he wasn`t hurt. Thank goodness.

    I know he was more shook up than I was. I felt so bad I wanted to follow him home and apologize. I didn`t do it because he would have thought I was a crazy lady driver in my SUV.


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    Your son saw him, though...

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    LDS, good point. I'm a former SUV driver. I finally got tired of getting reamed at the gas pump. I'm a very careful driver, luckily don't have the distraction of kids and don't talk on the cell phone while driving unless I'm called, and then it's about a 2 minute conversation. It irks me to see folks driving around with that thing glued to their ear. But yes, Missy you're right, you're the stereotype. In the 4 years I had my Explorer, I didn't see cars twice, both times as I was backing out of my driveway.

    Last night while taking a group ride to get some ice cream on a divided highway, I noticed that an impatient driver sitting at the red light cross street on my left decided he'd waited long enough for his red light to turn green, and off he went off his line and directly into ours. I was bike number 2 and started to slow, wondering if he was going to stop when he reached our lane. He didn't, and the lead bike didn't see him until he was on her. She missed him by about 3 feet. It was all we could do to keep from chasing after him and at that moment I decided I am going to get a louder horn. If that happens to me, at least I hope to scare the bejesus out of him/her as they're going by. The driver was not in an SUV.

    A few miles earlier, we saw a group of girls (high school age) crammed into a car. I watched them closely because I wasn't sure they saw us. They rode in the left lane, next to the lead bike. They were all pretty animated and it was obvious from their wavering lane position the driver could come over at any minute. Eventually the girls in the back seat saw the lead rider, and finally they sped off ahead. Better to see them there than next to us.

    In my experience, the drivers we need to really fear are the young (put a group of kids together and watch the IQ go down exponentially) and the elderly (I don't like riding with my 70 year old mom driving). But not seeing somebody can happen to all of us. As drivers and riders, lets be careful out there. Check and double check, don't be in such a hurry, practice your "what ifs" regardless of you mode of transportation, arrive alive.
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    Hawk Girl
    Sure, we all do stupid things occasionally, but we do remember the really bad drivers and people like Missy get the bad rap for it.
    As a driver of a mid-size sedan I do get annoyed by the size of the SUVs. If I'm at a stop sign waiting to turn left and an SUV pulls up beside me to turn right my view to the right is completely blocked. If that SUV would just hang back a few feet I could see to the right and the SUV driver could see over me to see to the left.
    And then there is backing out of a parking spot when you're between and SUV and a mini-van. I'm sure I'll get hit by someone flying through the parking lot one day. (probably the speeding youngster)

    But nobody said life was fair, huh?!

    Be safe out there, no matter what you drive. They'll hit you just to see you fly.

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    Oh no, and SUV thread. Mabey I should stay out of this before I get another thread closed.

    I think its the ego tripping I'm drivein down the road in a 3 ton vehicle because I have a small thingy SUV drivers that give everyone else a bad name. They where for a time the fad/hip car and ive noticed that people who rely heavily on there self image and buy these cars just because they are popular tend not to give a crap about anyone else.

    Like someone else mentioned these drivers like squids and 1% give the respectiable drivers/riders a bad rap.
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    I agree with Wookie. It's a perceived safety issue. I can't tell you how many times I've heard people say they drive their SUV or truck "because I like to sit up high" or "I'm much safer with this much metal around me." What they fail to realize is that driving something that large, at the very least, increases the size of their blind spots and reduces maneuverability (at least until they know how to drive something that large).

    One day, I watched a woman in an Expedition attempt to park. The parking garage had nice, wide lanes and the stripes were generously spaced, yet it took three tries for the driver to pull it in. Then I remembered how many times I've seen extremely badly parked SUVs, trucks, minivans, etc., and I devised Rhonda's Rule of the Road. I think the roads would be much safer from people erroneously driving vehicles they can't handle if this cardinal rule is adopted. It's quite simple, and goes like this:

    If you can't park it, you shouldn't drive it.

    This law applies to ALL vehicles, including motorcycles. There is a caveat. I realize that it might take a little time to get used to a new vehicle. Therefore, Rhonda's Rule of the Road does not come into play while a vehicle has the paper tags.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawk Girl
    Sure, we all do stupid things occasionally, but we do remember the really bad drivers and people like Missy get the bad rap for it.
    Nothing personal, but SHOULDN'T someone get a bad rap for starting to turn in front of a bike? Especially someone who rides and should be more aware? Doesn't turning in front of a bike define bad driving?

    That whole Rider Radar thing from MSF class shoould apply to operating a cage also...


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