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Thread: Hey AirForceTeach, how do you like yoru FZ6..

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    Hey AirForceTeach, how do you like yoru FZ6..

    vs your XJ600.

    I currently have a 94 XJ600 (The faster Yellow color ) and the FZ6 is on my very short list for a second bike? How is the XJ and the FZ different, simmilar, better or worse?
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    The official 240 mile review is ...

    All kinds of yummy!

    Seriously, it's like the Seca reincarnated after a very, very charitable life (VERY good kharma.) Faster, smoother, lighter, more responsive, but just as easy to ride. I'm still in breakin, so I havn't been able to feel the famous Fizzy 9000K rpm rush that everyone says is there. When I took the test ride (after I signed the papers, the only way the dealer does test rides) I was just amazed at how familiar it was. I've had some second thoughts, wondering if maybe I wasted money to get the same ride, but I think once I get past break-in (I need to ride more,) I'll be sure I was wrong. Also, I can get good quality sport radials now, and I don't have to wait ten minutes for warmup or risk death.

    Just get one. If you like your Seca, just get a Fizzy. It's a Seca, but more. Much more. If you want to ride it like a Seca (naked sport tourers) you can. If you want to scream through the twisties like an R6, most riders can keep up with an equivalently skilled rider on an R6. Plus, noone's gonna mistake you for another R6/R1 poser.
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