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Thread: Sound of Yamaha Virago Starter (for those who care)

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    Sound of Yamaha Virago Starter (for those who care)

    I've been looking and looking and looking for the distinct sound of a Yamah Virago stater - these have been known to have problems and I wanted to compare the sound I was getting to another Virago. Unfortunately I don't know anyone near me who owns one so I was very excited when I found this.
    This was good and bad - good because now I know that it is in fact the starter on my bike, bad because mine sounds a LOT worse (mostly louder). There is a fairly inexpensive fix for this but it does require some elbow grease. . . .
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    A properly functioning virago starter should sound like a blender full of marbles.

    A badly functioning one will sounds more like a blender full of bolts.

    If it actually starts the bike, I leave it the heck alone until it dies. My buddy's went for years sounding godawful but working fine before he had to replace it.
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    Catt's was like that and kept getting worse until it broke. We intalled the updated starter clutch assembly, and it worked great from then on.
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