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Thread: Full face helmet wins again, and cool shield

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    Full face helmet wins again, and cool shield

    I took a rather spirited ride today with some buddies out into the countryside. Not 5 minutes after setting out I had a juicy bug splatter all over my brand new shield. That left me with an hour to stare at bug guts.

    But more importantly, somewhere into the ride I saw a big bug coming for my helmet...but never felt an impact. I thought, Phew, missed that one. Then I got home.

    Little sucker got stuck in my vent! (That would be a yellow jacket) He was still squirming when I pried him out two hours later. Glad 1) I had a full-face on 2) my shield was down and 3) my helmet was at the right angle.

    Also, I spotted a cool shield in the AMA's magazine. I usually ride with a mirrored shield on that acts like a light smoke (but looks cooler). The problem is that it sucks to wear during the night. It's doable, but not recommended. Whenever I know I'll be riding at night I switch to the clear shield, but then I'm stuck squinting as I ride to where I'm going in the day. Shoei has a solution.

    (The flash makes it look lighter of a tint than it really is)
    They call it a half-tint. It's darker up top, where the sun is likely to shine in, and lighter at the bottom, where you normally look at the road and directly in front of you. Retail is something like $52, making it less than a mirrored shield but more than a tinted one. I have yet to test it at night, but for daytime use it worked out well.

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    *note to self: Stick a vacuum cleaner attachment in vents to remove bees before next ride.*

    If I am going to be out until dusk, I use a yellow shield. It cuts down on the glare of headlights. I can't say how well it works when it's completely dark, since I don't ride then, but it works very for trying to squeeze in the last few miles at dusk.
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    Let me know what you think of it at night. I'm might REALLY want one of those.

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    I have a Nolan N-102 helmet with the VPS visor (basically, a second, smoked half-visor that you can flip up/down independant of the main visor). Works great around dusk when the sun is low and you're in and out of shadows, but in broad daylight, the distinct cutoff is a little distracting. I usually wear a pair of Native sunglasses under the visor. The Natives I have are polarized, and have 4 sets of interchangable lenses (clear, dark, and 2 different shades of yellow).

    I have a second full-face helmet on order, but didn't order a smoked shield, though I still may...
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    If I had a wasp or yellow jacket or bee in my vent, I would be screaming like a little girl...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lmychajluk View Post
    I have a Nolan N-102 helmet with the VPS visor (basically, a second, smoked half-visor that you can flip up/down independant of the main visor).
    I have the x-lite with the same thing. Was very useful yesterday, alternating between riding into the setting sun and riding thru shadows.

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    thats why i have a color changing shield, clear at night, light smoke in the day

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whizbang View Post
    Let me know what you think of it at night. I'm might REALLY want one of those.
    I did a 45 mile ride home in the night today. The shield worked well enough so that I didn't notice it. Definitely a good buy Actually, when cars were coming at me in the oncoming lane I was able to tilt my head down and dim their headlights so I didn't get blinded. Pretty cool.


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