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Thread: News: Wave with caution!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnoKone
    While other riders will surely understand if you don't wave while preoccupied with controlling your bike, a commentator made a good point, I think, in one of the magazines. Something to the effect of, "If you can't wave, you're riding too hard for your abilities."

    This was brought home at the apex of what for me was a white-knuckle sweeper when a rider coming in the other direction with his knee down shot me a big 'ol, casual wave.

    I like doing that when I can see the other rider's arms are locked straight with his butt square in the center of the saddle and he's gritting his teeth like it's about to highside to the moon. "Hey man, relax, this is easy!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnoKone
    ........ a commentator made a good point, I think, in one of the magazines. Something to the effect of, "If you can't wave, you're riding too hard for your abilities.".'re a Newbee who's just not feeling one with the bike yet and has to focus focus focus.....

    I was preaching to someone how you have to keep a distance behind all mc's cuz they can stop faster than cars. It's a good she listened cuz when she found herself behind an mc the rider lifted his hand off the handgrips to wave at a passing mc-er, but he waved with his RIGHT hand and she found herself suddenly riding up on the mc-er's butt cuz the bike slowed down.

    Pretty dang dumb I'd say....
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    Yeah, I wave in corners. Interesting how it seems to be all sportbike types that are saying that. But since this is "Beginnerbikers" I feel I should point out a couple of things. First, this is one of those "ride your own ride" things - if you're in a position where you're uncomfortable doing it, don't. Like SnoKone said, the other rider will understand. And second, those of us that wave in corners, during u-turns, etc. also know not to get distracted by watching for a response. Obviously, if your horizon is tilted at some crazy angle, you're not taking your eyes off that corner exit, but it's less obvious arond town. It may well be that the rider in the news story went down becuase he was watching who he was waving at, rather than the road.
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    All I ever do around my area is give a head nod & noticed lately others have bicked up the same & are giving it to me rather then waving of hand or hand being held low let alone a finger rased off the h/bar. Taken yrs, for this to happen, but I guess with so many new riders & me being on the roads far more often then most plus I am one of the rare ones with a sport bike the others are getting to know this rider with the head nod.

    Lastly all the roads in my area are carved out of the mountains so one is just going into a bend, comming out of it, comming up a steep part, to going down it. So I tend to want to have my hands of my clip-ons.
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