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Thread: Test Day

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    Cool Test Day

    So. I passed my MST on Tuesday. I was really nervous but only got two marks against me, one for pogo'ing my front forks by braking too hard after a long slow ride (nerves) and one for locking up my rear tire during my quick stop. (ineptitude) You have to do everything twice and I took the testers advice and regulated my rear brake during my next quick stop and did good.

    Paying for an instructor (since I can't get into any courses up here) paid off. The tester said I have good control of my bike, I turn well, I have good low speed balance and clutch control! Yay!

    Today is my road test. I'm hoping I pass - if I don't it won't be because I haven't practiced it - it'll be because I was nervous or just didn't do it. My shoulder checks, lane position, hazard recognition, stopping/starting, road rules knowledge and all the other things I'm supposed to be tested on are very good, according to my instructor. (Instuctors, I've had my friends follow me around as well since I can only afford to pay for so many hours )

    So - after my test I'll report back today and let y'all know how I did.

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    Good luck!!
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    Wow, your testing system sounds extensive, but that's a good thing actually. Good luck!
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    Best of luck to you!
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    Wow. That's quite a test -- good luck!
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    Good Luck and thanks for sharing

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    Well, I'm back!

    I passed!

    I got a couple of demerits. One for failing to cancel a signal. (cancel, cancel, cancel) One for missing the dominant lane position choice, one for signaling the wrong way on a u-turn, and one for missing a shoulder check when changing lanes left to right. I made the check, but went from pos1 in left lane to pos1 in right lane in one move, I should have had 2 checks in there.

    Otherwise, my tester said it was a good test, a solid pass and that one of my demerits I got he wouldn't have failed me for, as it wasn't something that there is a law to say how to react (lane position choice).

    Then he invited me to a poker ride on the 21st (this month or next, have to look it up) and the annual toy run in August. Nice of him.

    Then I went for a quick ride before coming back to work - had to celebrate!

    Now to continue riding and continue to practice and improve.

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    wow, you passed AND got an invitation to some upcoming biker events. How cool is that!??
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    Congrats on passing! Be careful on your group rides...and have fun!

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    conGrats and continue to practice

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