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Thread: The Official BBO Bar - yep, we had to move again...

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    I'm not a church-goer so I eased into the day by staying in bed until 7 am. Norty and I washed and waxed my car. Had no candy but I did have ice cream. All in all another successful day.

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    Hey, at my age running hot and loss of spark is a common problem.
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    Well I haven't got a new motorcycle in forever ... so I test rode one yesterday. Trying to live a more spartan aesthetic non-material life I first turned down even looking at the bike ... but the guy brought the bike to a place near my son's and even insisted I test ride it ... on a trail in the dirt.

    Man is that sucker TALL. 38" and I have a 29" inseam. O yeah I flat footed it ... not. I could barely tip tippy toe it, the guy must have weighed 250 so the preload was way up there. So the guy said "I haven't ridden it in a while but this trail goes about a half mile and ends in a parking lot where you can turn around ..."

    I go over a hill ... and at the bottom is a huge trail wide mud puddle ... and there were about 7 hills with big muddy puddles at the bottom of each including a couple with drop your tire in holes ... as in tire drops in and you make like Superman over the bars ...

    ... and the trail ended in a huge swamp.

    No I did not drop the man's bike ... but there were a few tense moments. And I returned it very muddy. But it was his dang trail. There is no way on hell I would have let a stranger ride my bike on a trail like that ...

    Of course like anything else where you narrowly avert disaster ... I have decided it was fun.
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    Happy to hear that you didn't drop the guy's bike. Love your attitude about narrowly averting disaster.

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    64 is not old, we have one poster here at 110
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