OMG, So i'm just about ready to toss the thing in the ocean and call it good.

Short recap of recent events: Cam chain was loose, got a longer, manual chain tensioner. In fiddling, I don't think this was neccesary, I think the stock one just refused to extend properly. The manual tensioner is on now and works well, I'm not going to fiddle w/ that anymore.

Same time I did the tensioner, I pulled the valve cover off because the gasket was leaking. The right had exhaust lobe was worn down quite a bit, but I thought I could get away with it. I spec'd out all the valves, put it together and rode it around for a night. It ran wonderfully, I thought I was good to go.

Fired it up a couple days later, ran like crap again, it was backfiring, and I could tell it was the #2 cylinder being unhappy. Ordered a new exhaust cam. It came in, I installed it (I plastigaged the journals to make sure the clearance was cool). Put everything back together again, ran BEAUTIFULLY for 3 days.

On the way into work yesterday, ran golden, I was thinking to myself as I was coming into work "wow, this bike is great, I love it so much". Got on the bike to go home, and it was fine for a couple of blocks, then it became totally gutless, surged power a couple of times, then continued to have NO power the entire way home.

It would accelerate, but at the speed it chose, regardless of throttle position. It would occasionally backfire, out of what seemed to be the left cylinder, but I couldn't get it to backfire on command.

What the eff is wrong w/ this thing? Did the carbs get crap in them while they were off the bike? Also, what is the stock (Non-CA) jetting? I know it is jetted too rich, and that can't be helping things any.

Anyways, thanks for any help in advance, I'm really at the end of my rope w/ this thing, its one issue after another lately, it seems.