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Thread: Making the Kawasaki EX-250/Ninja 250R a Sport Tourer

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    Making the Kawasaki EX-250/Ninja 250R a Sport Tourer

    I got the idea to do this post from another post here by Repeater:

    "Great news for EX250 owners - cross post from BAB!"


    And this is a cross post from as well.

    It may be a bit unnecessary for many 250 owners don't hold on to their bikes very long and use them as only a stepping stone. But as I said in response to the post above, the 250 can be made into very capable sport touring bike. Much of the information comes from ( and specifically as is obvious from the links. Not an all inclusive list, but a start:

    Tail Bags, Saddle Bags, and Tank Bags - Countless options, but here's a interesting tail pod from National Cycle:

    Hard Luggage -

    Side Cases/Racks - Don't think that they are commercially available. But there are homemade versions (see

    Rear Rack -

    - Ventura: (only one I know that is commercially available)
    US Distributor:

    - "Jeb Rack:" one of the administrators at (Jeb B. - makes a rear rack that is similar to the Ventura rack (

    Top Cases -

    - Givi ( (
    - Kappa (
    - Shad (
    - Hepco & Becker (
    - JC Whitney (

    (see also

    Windshields -

    - Zero Gravity: and

    - "Duke," and "Gti20vTurbo" windshields:

    - Laminar Lip:

    Handlebar Risers -

    - GenMar:

    - Motor Cycle Larry:

    Bar Ends -

    - Throttlemeister: (bar end with cruise control)

    - MANIC Salamander:

    - Hudson Valley Motorsports Parts:

    (see also:

    Cruise Control -

    - Vista-Cruise :

    - Throttlemeister: (bar end with cruise control) *

    - Related - Throttle Rocker:

    Grips/Heated Grips -

    - Pro Grips:

    - Ourygrips:

    - Hot Grips: and

    (see also:

    Seats -

    - Corbin:

    - Sargent: (custom work on existing seat)

    - Russell:

    (see also and )


    Many people change the gearing for lower rpm's at highway speeds and better mileage. See and

    Power accessories -


    Power access: Adding some way to get at 12V power will allow you to hook up electric clothing or accessories like a GPS. Some riders use BMW power sockets and plugs (available from BMW motorcycle dealers; expensive; finished-looking), some use SAE connectors (available at any auto parts store; cheap; unsightly). Any safe access to power is great, although keep in mind that the Ninja 250's alternator will only provide about 60W for extra stuff before it stops charging the battery. The alternator produces peak power (roughly 60W extra) at 6k RPM. Any engine speed below that will produce less extra power, so keep that in mind when calculating extra power available. sells some of the products listed above (Givi, Kappa, Hepco & Becker, MANIC Salamander, and Hot Grips).

    I should have posted this a couple of days ago and it looks like some of the suggestions have already been mentioned in previous posts.

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    I like it - thanks for the monster bank of links and such!

    I really like my 250. It's a good little bike with a few shortcomings when it comes to long-distance riding. I don't have enough money this year for another bike like I thought I would, so my only real option for the time being is to tart up what I have and make it as comfortable as it could be. All of this will help immensely!
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    I'll second the recommendation for That's where I got the center stand and tail rack for my 919.

    They stock sport touring goodies for a surprising variety of bikes, and I experienced no customer service problems.

    Edit: Just checked out the site again, and they have a lot of touring stuff for scooters (honda, yami, suzi, kymco, vespa, piaggio) too.
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    How to turn a Ninja 250 into a sport tourer?

    That one's easy...

    Get on it in the morning. Ride until you cross a few state lines without touching superslab. Go home.
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    By the way W E L C O M E !

    I'm very interested in this subject even though I don't have a Ninja 250. I'm hoping to find a good used one and think I would like to make it a little more comfortable for longer trips. Appreciate the links!
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    WOW! Thanks for all the links. I will have to bookmark this one!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lochlyn_Dec View Post
    I got the idea to do this post from another post here by Repeater:

    Power access: Adding some way to get at 12V power will allow you to hook up electric clothing or accessories like a GPS. Some riders use BMW power sockets and plugs (available from BMW motorcycle dealers; expensive; finished-looking)
    Those same connectors are also available at your John Deere dealer, or direct from the manufacturer at Powerlet.

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    Changes in some of the links

    I recently went to refer to this thread and found that a number of links no longer work. Unfortunately, I cannot update them. Not sure why that is. It seems that most forums allow you to edit your posts.

    So I went to the "same" thread on and updated that one. I also added a few things in addition to these updates. So the post here is outdated. Refer to the other one.

    The direct link:

    I also included a note about the changes at the bottom of the post:

    NOTE about EDITS: The links here sometimes change and as a result don't work. I recently updated all of them so they are current, but I'm sure some will change again. If one doesn't work, you should still be able to find a way to the correct link. And every so often, I will try to check to see how they are.


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