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  1. Path to the waterfall of Palia Kavala forest at Greece

    Hallo to everybody!!
    This is a video, with some photos at the end, from a magical place at Greece..
    This woods is at the north Greece at Palia Kavala village into the mountain.
    A great forest with...
  2. small trip with Tenere xt660z & a7iii at some hills of Greece,panoramic view

    hello from Greece!
    heres a small music video with my Yamaha Tenere xt660z and sony a7iii camera.
    made at hills of north Greece with Thassos island for view.
    A great sunny day and an excellent...
  3. An old workshop with many toys for men music video

    Good evening to everyone!
    First of all i wish to all of you to be good at your health and to be calm with this new think,
    this virus..i want to be optimist that thinks could be better the next...
  4. for economical reasons.. i say some thinks at...

    for economical reasons.. i say some thinks at description
  5. Trip to abandoned village at Greece video Tenere xt660z

    hallo to everybody!
    A trip with my Tenere xt660z and my camera in my bag.
    This is a video from abandoned village since 1980.
    Placed at Greece ,at Kavala city.
    Ruins from houses ,a completely...
  6. Legendary Honda Monkey Z50 Custom made look Video

    Hallo and happy new year to everybody!!!
    This is a small video with the Honda monkey z50 but with engine from Supra 125.
    Made from my brother in as a present to my nephews.
    Isnt ready yet but the...
  7. Inside of old Turkish hammam in village of pomaks at Greece

    Good evening to all of you!!
    This video have nothing to do with bikes.
    Its a trip with car at north Greece at Thraki mountains
    area that is full of villages with pomaks residents.
    There are many...
  8. nope! isnt my purpose...

    isnt my purpose...
  9. Inside of an abandoned hospital ,sanatorio, at Greece

    hello to everybody!
    this is a video from an abandoned hospital at Kavala city in Greece
    Its closed since 2010 and was build at 1920.
    enjoy some scenes of this creepy , dirty place....
  10. yeap!! its my first video with sony a7iii and im...

    yeap!! its my first video with sony a7iii and im still learning
  11. small trip from thermal springs in pomaks village Greece

    hello to everybody!
    one taste of thermal springs bath from village that is pomaks village at Greece.
  12. Thassos island Greece Yamaha Tenere xt660z

    hello to everyone!!
    this is a trip at Thassos island in Greece!
    this summer is really hot anyway!
  13. Kefalari Dramas Greece with xt660z Yamaha Tenere video

    Hallo to everyone!!
    At this hot summer days i made a ride to this cool place
    with water streams and trees..
    relax and enjoy
  14. i think you say this - betula pendula

    i think you say this - betula pendula
  15. video from Paggaio mountain at Greece with xt660z

    hello to everyone !
    video from Paggaio mountain at Greece with xt660z
    you can check my latest video with some photos at the end ,from my last trip.
    enjoy some nature and top of the mountain at...
  16. Trip to abandoned radio station VOA 800 hectares area at Greece

    Hello to everyone!
    some days before i was made this small trip to abandoned radio station VOA (Voice of America)
    at Greece.
    Station was closed after 72 years broadcasting and now the hall area is...
  17. thanks trials!!

    thanks trials!!
  18. Tenere xt660z with usd forks, small adventure at Greece

    hello to everyone..

    After the modification with usd forks for my Tenere xt660z i deside to make this video

    is more music clip video..!

    check it if you like...
  19. nope! not at this place...

    not at this place...
  20. Some beauty of North Greece with xt660z Tenere

    Hello to everybody again!
    this is a small video of a small part of beauty of North Greece..
    enjoy my friends!
  21. a safe adventure motorcycle for beginner biker!

    hello again!
    this is my personal opinion that what machine can a new rider that want adventure style can ride
  22. Replies

    dragstar 650 bobber-chopper

    check out fellas my new project
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    thanks... but i'm ready with the parts.. as you...

    thanks... but i'm ready with the parts.. as you can see , the seat is made it from me, and i put sissy bar on rear fender with passenger seat , with some help of my blacksmith..
    thanks anyway..
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    this is my new custom dragstar 650

    hello everybody!

    i'm kostas from Greece and i like to show you my first steps of my project... it isn't finished yet..
    i've change allready the handlebar , and i'm on progress for another rear...
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