Unmitigated Awesome

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  1. hqp921
    I uploaded some oddly erotic photos for our leader.
  2. CaptGoodvibes
    Figured I'd drop in and share a dose of awesome but you guys don't need any.
  3. Shadow Shack
    Shadow Shack
    Submitting my BATR (Being Awesome and Totally Rad) application...
  4. stoorat
    One nice thing about Awesome: You can never have too much of it.

    Somebody write that down.
  5. hqp921
    You already typed it dude!
  6. Superwoody
    How bout, I'm SUPER and AWESOME!! I'll just be workin' on my Rad for later.
  7. Shadow Shack
    Shadow Shack

    The ignorance in that thread is bordering on awesome!
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