The Lovers of BMW's, or at least, brightly colored synthetic armored jumpsuits.

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  1. megaira
    Someone had to do it.
  2. Cindy
    Here I am and I'm ordering my first farkle tomorrow! A Throttlemeister, my throttle wrist has been bothering me on long rides.
  3. megaira
    Yay! I caught one! ;D
  4. SoCal LabRat
    SoCal LabRat
    Caught me too! I'm the newest member, I think. Yeah, I'm going to need a throttlemeister too, noticed that on our trip back from the OBX today.
  5. DynamoBT
    Figure I ought to join in as I have one, though not currently riding it. My goal this winter is to get myself as well and strong as possible and then get on it in the spring. My hubby is even toying with taking the BRC. We might do it again together this time!
  6. Cindy
    I got the Throttlemeister installed. An added surprise, it took the vibration out of my mirrors! I will be taking my first long trip next week so I will let you guys know how it works.
  7. megaira
    I don't have one, I just have GS Rubberneck syndrome, so I'm vicariously living through those of you who do.
  8. MsPotatoPotatoHead

    I'm here! I'm here!
  9. DynamoBT
  10. DynamoBT

    I thought I would post this link about luggage options for the F650
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