Cool Air Cooled Bikers

  1. CaptGoodvibes
    Come one come all. All air cooled bike riders are welcome. If it's a H-D or Ducati, Triumph modern classics, or anything else running an air/oil cooled engine. Join us!
  2. CaptGoodvibes
    So does anyone ever think their bike is going to just plain die while sitting in 100 degree stop and go traffic?
  3. CaptGoodvibes
    So am I the only one that wants to be in a special super secret society for air cooled bikes?
  4. nlee
    Uh ... I believe my bike is air cooled ... at least *I* am ... =D
  5. nlee
    My neighbor got a new-to-him water-cooled bike, which he mentioned about five times. Pfffft. He'll never be in THIS group, so ... what's the big deal? Just one more fluid level to check. Air-cooled!!! Yaaaah Hoooh!
  6. nlee
    Bikes during stop and go hot days ... in your professional bike-riding opinion, CBV, is the bike undergoing any DAMAGE during those times? Ruby runs so beautifully in the cool of the day ... I feel bad about the times she's suffering the heat. What do you think?
  7. CaptGoodvibes
    Holy moley! I had just about given up on other members! Cool!

    I wouldn't worry about heat in stop and go traffic. The most damage is to your legs and ass in the form of sweat. The air cooled engines are designed with the knowledge that they will be in hot weather. Just get going when you can to get some air running over the cylinders and it will cool down. If you're trapped behind a police blocade or something and you won't be moving for a while, shut er down and wait.

    Another thing you can consider is adding an oil cooler. On air cooled engines, the oil is a major component of the cooling process. The oil cooler sits up front, is small, and usually plugs inline in the oil line to add air passage over the oil similarly to a radiator.

    And welcome to the "group."

    Tell your friends!
  8. nlee
    Hey, thanks for the welcome, CGV! And for the tip about the oil cooler. Interesting thought ... I'll be researching that. =D
  9. Shadow Shack
    Shadow Shack
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