Denver area group ride(s) summer '12?

  1. christhisguy
    Hey folks!

    I'll post in the Upcoming Events forum too if it looks like no one sees this...

    Just wondered if anyone wants to setup a group ride or twelve this summer.
    I've been itching to explore a bit further than my usual routes (basically 36, 93, PtP, Lyons, Estes Park, Golden, foothills and the canyons between).

    Date options:
    Short notice but tomorrow's the 4th of July so hopefully no one is working.
    More realistic options could be weekends in general (Sat or Sun typically better for anyone?).
    There's also that weekly bike night Wednesdays at QS&L in Westy, and Jefe seemed to know of a few others in the region if that appeals.
    Unfortunately summer is the busy season for me @work so weekday business hours are pretty much out... though I'd be up for an early evening ride once I get my hi-beam issues sorted.
    Last week of August and the first two weeks of Sep I may be traveling for work on the weekends, TBD.

    What say ye?
  2. DUISparky
    Don't know if I'll have much spare weekend riding time this year with all the yard work I get to do. My annual "Get the Hell Outta the City Ride" is already slated for next week, over Monarch and Red Mtn to Durango, then out through the desert and the canyons to Lake Powell for a day or two. I'll keep my eye on the plans on here and see if I can make any of them.
  3. christhisguy
    Copy that Sparky... Think I'm gonna go with the dirt helmet today since we're right about 100F...

    Will keep this space updated as plans come together!
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