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  1. ScaPd
    1) Everyone interested in this group's activities - Rides, announcements etc. should Subscribe to this thread.

    Members of this Group.

    Please use your best judgement to not post anything that my not Interest to most members of this group.

    2) To announce a new/upcoming Ride/Important announcement:
    A) Start a new Thread with complete/detailed information in that new thread
    B) Post a LINK of the new thread here with Brief text.
    C) Use the new thread to continue discussion. Do not put anything in this thread other than links to other threads.

    If we all do this, we can have a clean thread which everyone can glance at and see what is happening without getting into details. Everyone should get automated emails too when a new link is posted. Also, this will help reach all the members in the area consistently instead of hoping everyone sees the new thread in one of many sub-forums.
  2. mica
    This is only a test broadcast message and link, no real ride.
  3. jay956
  4. jay956
  5. RockBottom
    I have a bone to pick--how is West Virginia "Mid Atlantic" and Pennsylvania is not? Huh? Huh? Huh?
  6. MikeZee1
    Cause your "North Atlantic". Besides no one down here likes the Eagles.
  7. mica
    That is how the owner of this site divided it up.
  8. ScaPd
  9. ScaPd
    POSTPONED: More info still in the original thread.

    Oct 24th Mid Atlantic BBQ @ Code
  10. ScaPd
    It has been quite lately.. i hope all of you are well.

    Meanwhile, I just wanted to share that we have an addition to our family.

    Pics in this thread.
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