my 1st bug bash

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thx to all involved in bug bash 8 for such a great time. it was my 1st lg group riding experience and it was excellent!! everyone was very welcoming and the selected roads were great fun. we dont have that in NW Ohio that Ive yet to find. very well organized and came off as very family friendly, ill have to convince my wife and son to come next yr as I'm sure ill be back, Ive already marked the dates on my calender!!
I'm sorry I'm not good with names at first but thx again to the lady who gave me a gremlin bell, i put it on as soon as i got back home this afternoon. thx again to all, looking forward to another ride, Shane

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  1. djs's Avatar
    that lady would be mz33.
  2. sdmoto's Avatar
    thx. good to know. thx again for the invite.had a great time.
  3. Mrs._DJS's Avatar
    Start postin' up on the forum cuz.....
  4. KZ-Rob's Avatar
    It was great to meet you. The real action is on the forum.