BRC - Attempt #1

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Ok, here's the latest on my BRC. My partner and I decided to drop out toward the end of the first day on the range. She was struggling with the clutch and learning so much so quickly and I was not struggling at all ... except physically with the heat and cognition (I have MS and today was a killer). I know I would not have been able to do two days in a row. We started early this morning and by lunch break, we decided we just were not having enough fun to make it worth it. Do I want to ride a 2-wheel motorcycle ... I am not convinced. Do I want to ride a Scooter or a Spyder ... I think that will be a next step to try.

I got up to going into 2nd gear and weaving and doing cones on the course (this was not difficult for me and the leaning was not as bad as I thought) BUT, the brain power that had to go into shifting, clutch and braking WITH the heat and pain (muscle pain from MS because of the heat) and the fatigue that was taking over really made the quick decisions more difficult. I can't imagine on the street!!!!!

We were originally signed up for a class that was to take place on a Sunday evening (classroom) and two consecutive Monday Nights on the range. This would have given me a week to rest (the intention). This class was cancelled due to enrollment. Bummer.

Anyway, I have a great helmet, gloves and a jacket and I am not giving up on this yet. I think I may lean toward that Spyder or a Scooter in the meantime or as a goal. I don't think a regular two-wheeled motorcycle will be in my future.

One lady was counseled out of the class (she wiped out and it was scary) and my partner and I just decided it wasn't for us at this time, in THIS way. It was really, really too hot and fatiguing for me with a disability. I had to discern, reflect and make that difficult decision. However, I am really glad that I did and will look towards Scooter or Spyder school. This was a great test for me ... really great. It was a good reflection for me. I'm not giving up, I am just re-navigating and really looking at my abilities and such. My partner feels a bit bummed that it was not as fun for her as she thought -- but I tried to express to her it is part of the journey and discernment process. For me, I just could not physically do any more. I hit my wall!

The course was moving very, very quickly and we would have liked more time. We don't own bikes, so we couldn't go home and practice clutch work, shifting, etc.

I think something a little easier, manageable and fun for me is calling my name -- Will keep you guys updated.

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