Kawasaki Concours ZG1400

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Well, I thought I'd post something here so that my bike can exist.
I'll try to keep it updated with the farkling process, not that it will take very long.

The bike is the NEW! and IMPROVED! Kawasaki Concours. New model for 2008, and now improved for 2010. They made changes to the ergonomics and heat flow for 2010. Of course the biggest improvement is making it BLUE this year.

We traded in both of our Yamaha cruisers on it, so we had a net motorcycle balance of -1. Neither of us was riding the old ones anyway.

I bought the Bandit last year to have something sportier than the ST1300. It certainly was! However, if wasn't a good fit for me and I was getting uncomfortable after ~200 miles. Lusted after the connie from the launch announcement.

The bike has been reviewed by experts already, so I'll just spout a few of my impressions. Handles almost as well as the Bandit, much better than the ST1300. The C14 has less low-end torque than the other two, but that just means I need to keep the RPM up. Certainly more go in the Connie when I twist the throttle.

Saying it isn't as comfortable as the ST isn't a fair comparision, as the ST has risers and a Spencerized seat. But it is certainly more comfy that the Bandit. I'll have a better idea once I ride it down to TN in May.

So, a couple pics of the bike.

The ride home reminded me of the first thing I didn't like about the ST1300. Grips. Too small for my hands and too hard for comfort. So the first farkle was foam grip 'wraps'.

I like having a topcase, even though the bike has two huge paniers on it. But the plastic rack that comes on the bike is suspect. So it got replaced with this:

Rack was a bit pricey, but comes with the parts on it to mount a Givi. No need for an additional mounting plate.

So, something to put on the rack: A Givi Maxia E55

Yeah, that thing is HUGE!

But it looks OK on the bike:

Still waiting on the risers, fender extender, ram parts and such to arrive, so more to come later.

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  1. Overcaffeinated's Avatar
    I bet you could fit my entire bike in that enormous top case!
  2. Calabash's Avatar
    John! What a beauty! Congratulation on your new bike.