Riding Diary for 2014


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I went over to Tellico again to get Pizza this time. (always food involved) as I was coming around a turn and topping a hill, there it was, not sure exactly but right in the middle of the road. No way to swerve around it so I held on tight and ran over it. Coming back the other way I looked for it and it was a possum. Thinking back I thought about how I could have avoided it. Going too fast was the biggest mistake, even then though it seemed like it came out of nowhere and there was no way I could have gotten out of it's way. Slower would have given me more of a chance though.

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  1. SoCal LabRat's Avatar
    Good entry Bill. Slower would have given the critter more of a chance too. Given the circumstances, you did the right thing.
  2. GoodTxGirl's Avatar
    Oh that makes me sad.........
  3. Calabash's Avatar
    Sad? Don't understand?