Riding Diary for 2014

Getting out there

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Got out and rode to Tellico this morning. Dodged one car making a left with out signalling, blamed myself for being impatient and not waiting to see what he was going to do. Watched this other car and covered my brake till we made eye contact and I thought he could see me. The ride to Tellico was great! Got some pastry and came back at 8am this morning. Still rusty on the curves but the more I ride the better it feels and the smoother it feels. That's my goal to ride smooth, no jerky moves in the corners and turns.

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  1. Bugguts's Avatar
    Sounds like we've got similar goals, smoothness in corners and turns......and PASTRY!!!!!
  2. AlwaysLearnin's Avatar
    PASTRY -- YUM!!

    I had someone do this to me the other day. Made eye contact then must have looked right through me because they pulled in front of me anyway.
  3. Calabash's Avatar
    Pastry and Safety, the two go hand in hand