Riding Diary for 2014


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I bought a new seat from Larry, and it is an adjustment. It sits me up a little bit higher and I am on my balls of my feet already. Now I am on the tips of my toes. I just go slowly when I am backing out or parking somewhere. Always try to keep it in second gear so things are not so twitchy when going slow as well and keeping the front wheel straight whenever I use my front brake. I've gone down a couple of times with that front brake and turned front wheel. The seat is a great seat and I suspect it will help me on long rides to keep my butt from the pain it feels after about 4-5 hours of riding. I am going to both exercise and ride little by little to build up my endurance to ride longer distances. I am going to Ty's Rain or Shine ride next month and want to not feel exhausted by the end of the day.

Too wet to ride today, should have rode yesterday instead of mowing the lawn...

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  1. mz33's Avatar
    Is this the Russell Day Long with the wings? It seems to be making the rounds of the butts down South.
  2. Calabash's Avatar
    It is, I have some kind of fur covering it as well. I was surprised how hard of a seat it is, the fur makes it softer and I haven't gone on any long rides yet so I can't say yet how effective it is for long rides, but it feels comfortable enough. I just wonder how well it will do after 5 hours. I'm working my way up to that time by increasing my ride time. In fact I'm going in the morning to get some cinnamon rolls at Tellico Bakery in the morning yummm. It's a good almost hour ride there and back.