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Ok sure, I got a little wet on the way back from PRR, but I'd never ridden in anything like the brief deluge we got yesterday.
[There were flash flood warnings around the small creek areas nearby, and we did have some brief flash flooding in the Fourmile burn area near Boulder.]

Not complaining at all! We desperately need all the rain we can get up in these parts.

Had stopped at the local bike shop for a new H4 bulb, thinking I'd juuust manage to stay ahead of it.

Started raining pretty hard as I was leaving, went and grabbed the jacket sleeves (which zip off to expose mesh) outta my saddle bags.

Did NOT take out the rain/wind pants when doing so.

Walked back into the store and got suited up again, looked at the rain, even thought about waiting around a few minutes in the dealer.

Didn't listen to that voice for some reason. Guess I wanted to get my first serious rain ride... so I did. One of the employees had been watching the storm out the front doors and wished me luck as I walked out.

Took off, went about 3 blocks and everything not under my jacket (ok, and the upper/back of my dirtbike helmet) was just about soaked through. Turned and went maybe another three blocks and pulled into a watering hole where I knew I could hang around and dry out a bit. Fortunately I had put my laptop in a plastic bag before dropping it in my backpack!

I thought my lightweight mesh/leather dirtbike gloves might never dry out. ...But hey, I wasn't HOT for a change!

Anyway in typical Colorado fashion, it was all over in probably 15-20 minutes. Did a bit of standing on the pegs on the way home from there trying to dry out my jeans.

Wore the proper (and at least water-resistant) riding pants today... 40% chance of more thunderstorms this afternoon.

Oh, and why am I riding given the forecast? Involves another recent first...

On Sunday I had a hankering for some proper Chicago-style pizza, so ordered from Rosati's for pick-up.

About 15 minutes before it was supposed to be ready I jump in the old battle wagon and realize it's decided to pretend it doesn't have a starter.
Called and asked if they could switch to delivery. Nice girl tells me even though I'm out of their normal area she'd totally have the driver come up my way... except he just went the opposite direction with three deliveries and it'd be over an hour before he could get it to me.

So I grabbed the cargo net I'd used on the PRR trip and fetched me some 'za!
I think the weight of it might have helped keep it on the seat as much as the cargo net, which is kinda big.

Hope I gave someone a grin seeing a guy dressed vaguely like a stormtrooper rolling by on a bike with a pizza strapped to the seat!

Oh and I also recently went to a friend's house-warming and brought two bags of ice as requested... in the saddle bags!

No idea what my next "first" might be... but I look forward to it!

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  1. DUISparky's Avatar
    I remember my first deluge - riding the old Honda CB350 to work (a 36 mile commute from Elkton to Reedsport, OR) back in '79. Nowhere to run, no place to hide. I did pull off and sit under some trees just west of Scottsburg to see if it would pass by, but no such luck.

    The first hail storm was fun too - in the middle of nowhere between Rangely and Dinosaur, CO in '81. Again, nowhere to run and no place to hide.

    You'd be amazed by the amount of stuff you can strap onto a motorcycle. When my brother and I and a friend of ours moved from Grand Junction to Lake Powell in '84 we took as much stuff with us as we possibly could. We were loaded down with tents, sleeping bags, tool boxes, back packs, cooking gear, etc. Every space on the bikes that could possibly have something strapped to it had something strapped to it, with other stuff strapped on top of that and cast iron frying pans, coffee pots and sauce pans hanging by their handles from piggin' strips tied to the loops on the backpacks. A friend of ours said we looked like the Beverly Hillbillies on motorcycles.

    Another first happened on that trip too - First sandstorm in the desert. Ah! The memories!