• Fieldsheer Mach 3 Mesh Jacket

    Review after 6 months of usage (Sep-Mar / 80F - 30F)

    A little background on myself first. I don't like spending money on myself and usually talk myself out of any purchase. When I first approached the motorcycle scene I wanted to ease in as cheap as possible, but yet still have the right gear to have fun.

    Keeping this in mind I wanted an all season jacket. In Atlanta, GA - that means mesh and a rain liner. It keeps the wind off and I feel comfy at <30min ~40F. That will get me to work most mornings.

    Knowing what 'find' of jacket helped a bit, but there was a large selection to go through. I headed down to the local Moto Mall. I figure I would try one there and buy online right?

    I had a system. I would put on a jacket, do a quick check for snugness, walk around and sit on the bikes (try to stay focused on the task at hand), see how I look, and then checked the coverage. The Mach 3 (as well as others) had CE armor all over, with ample coverage of the forearm and elbow area (some seemed to skip here). Would I feel comfortable attempting a WWE elbow drop on the cement floor? If the answer was no - it probably wouldn't help me in an unplanned dismount.

    Speaking of which, ever seen a crash video? They usually involve flailing limps. How would I test this in the shop? Resourcefulness.

    I found a door frame and when at it like 70s Kung Fu movie. What part of my torso could I press/strike against this thing and feel safe? Most jackets had up the same except for the last. With my back against the door frame, I lifted my arm and pressed back. All except the Mach 3 exposed my shoulder blade. Funny how lifting your arm up will shift CE armor.

    I had the jacket, but now what color. Black is nice on a cruiser, but the black/gun metal had MORE reflective piping in it. I went with the black/gun metal and haven't looked back.

    Six months of use and I feel very comfortable. I keep the included raincoat (has single 1" reflective stripe) in a saddle bag because it makes the but end to poofy (again - cruiser). Internal breast pocket is great for a garage door opener remote, but the outer pockets (95% usage) counter intuitively zip up. The mesh area around the neck will grab and pull if I haven't shaved in a couple of days.

    Sounds like a lot of gripes, but I'd buy it again. They zip easy to my Fieldsheer Titanium Air Pants (two hands - behind back - no help - YEAH). They also come with an extra zipper if you want to sew it on to none Fieldsheer Pants (like Draggon Jeans)

    Heck for ~$120. it is hard to beat.

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    Disclaimer: I haven't used the Jacket in summer heat yet nor have I tested the rain coat in more than heavy fog (I'm a big girl)

    For What It's Worth: I paid $140 at the store. After all they put up with - it was worth the extra $20.
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