• KBC VR-2 Legend helmet

    My birthday and Motherís Day were right around the corner, so what else would a girl want but a new helmet? The Fulmer I had received with my motorcycle purchase wasnít meeting my needs anymore (visor hinges cracked), so off to CycleGear to choose the next helmet.

    The salesman pointed me in a few directions, but as soon as I put the VR-2 on my head, I knew it was the one for me. I was a little hesitant at first because of the tight neck fit. That makes it interesting to don, but I have since acclimated to that and am thankful for the snug-fitting neck. This cuts down on the (already-excessive) wind noise from the bottom of the helmet, which is important because there is some significant wind noise from the venting (described later in this article).

    The helmet is lightweight and the fit is perfect for me. I wore it around the store for a few minutes with no discomfort. CycleGear has a 30-day return policy on helmets, so I felt safe with my purchase. I ordered a red, white and blue one and picked it up a few days later.

    The following weekend I wore the helmet on a long day trip with no problems. The specs for the helmet name increased peripheral visibility for the helmet, and I have to agree that the helmet does allow for great peripheral vision.

    The helmet has a Dual Internal Vent System (Di-vs), so it does tend to get a little noisy, but in the desert heat I will take venting over wind noise. Ear plugs easily solve this issue.

    The visor hinges are stiff from the factory, but CycleGear has since oiled the gears for me and that seems to have solved the issue. (This is an issue on earlier VR-2 helmets. It has apparently been rectified by the manufacturer, according to the helmet guru at CycleGear.) The visor is easily lifted with one hand. I sometimes have difficulty finding the tab to lift the visor when I am on a ride, but I attribute that to operator error.

    The liner and ear pads are removable for washing, which is a great feature. With the desert heat and sweating, thatís a big mark in the helmetís favor.

    The only reason I could see this helmet not being suitable is due to the shape of a personís head causing an ill-fit. Other than that, a big thumbs up from me for this helmet. I am very happy with my purchase.

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