• Icon Armor Gear Reviewed!

    Icon Armored Vest - A very nice little number that has some pretty good back protection. It's got hardened plastic on the back, with a comfortable foam and mesh layer underneath. It fits on you with big velcro straps that wrap from the back to attach on the front panel. It stays pretty much in one place, even though it's a little loose to allow movement and comfort. One of the things I really liked about this vest is that the straps around your chest and the ones up over your shoulders are made of a mesh fabric that is flexible to allow you to take in deep breaths.

    The only thing I could see that could use some improvement is that there's no shoulder armor. Then again in my experiences, my shoulders have never contacted the road in a crash, just the elbows/hand and knees/shins. This vest makes me feel a hell of a lot safer on the road.

    Icon Knee Armor - These are really impressive in their construction. It's made of a breathable fabric material that you slip on like a very heavy stocking. The ~very~ hardened plastic on the outside that protects your knees and shins very well, while there's a good amount of foam underneath to keep them comfortable and spread the impact. Finally, there's a total of !four! velcro straps on the back that wrap around. Needless to say, with that amount of security these babies aren't ever going anywhere unless you take them off.

    I really liked these, as they're very comfortable and hard as a rock on the outside.


    Icon Elbow/Forearm Armor - This is very much so like the knee armor except the stocking and armor is sized for your arms instead of your legs, with the same 4 velcro straps to keep it snugly in place. While it's just as impressive and protective as the knee armor, it gets a bit stiff because the forearm plastic plate sort of straightens your wrist out. Wasn't a problem while riding, but I can't see wearing these all day and typing on a keyboard is a pain. They still get my gleaming commendation because they're beautifully protective if not somewhat unergonomic.

    How long does it take to put all this stuff on? I'd say 5 minutes total for the armor, if not less. You can definitely wear the knee armor and vest under loose pants or a loose shirt if you don't want to parade around looking like a storm trooper/street racer/brawler. The elbow armor however will probably (like 75% sure) not fit under a good sized jacket, but fit fine under my really big/loose leather jacket that's 2 sizes or more larger than I am. They will however fit over a normal shirt.

    Overall I'm very happy with this armor and feel confident in that I could lowside with all of it on at any speed and walk away from it if I were wearing a proper jacket. Great stuff.
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