• Joe Rocket Revolution Insulated waterproof gloves

    Let me preface this- I paid $22 for these gloves from NE, so I got what I paid for and they are doing exactly what I needed them to do. I still don't think it's a bad price, as long as you know what you're getting. I live in Santa Barbara, so winters here are mild (Upper 40's at the coldest, upper 60's in the day), and needed a glove not as hyper-ventilated as my Tourmaster Robomax'es for my commute. I don't feel I got a raw deal, but depending on your purposes they may not be what you need.

    Waterproof- Untested, the one day I needed them they were at home. The squeegee on the thumb will be a godsend in the rain I think, as I generally scratch up my visor wiping my hand across it in light drizze. And I imagine if they say they're waterproof, they probably will be.

    Why were they at home that day? Because I found these gloves very clunky and inarticulate compared to my regular riding gloves, and wanted nimble hands for the foul weather.

    Articulation: Maybe this is just the curse of an insulated riding glove, and I'm being a little harsh. The glove doesn't have much of a built-in curve, and the insulation is thick enough on the face of your hand to make you feel detached from the controls. Basically, it's like riding in regular old winter gloves, which I've tried. The difference is, the palm does a good job of gripping the throttle where winter gloves don't. And you do get used to it (it's taken me two weeks). My hands don't "forget" they're gloved though, as they do in my warmer weather gloves. Thumbing the turn signals is an act of fatfingered faith. I think a thinner insulation material, better cut on the glove itself, and a less "fluffy" palm and fingers would be nice.

    Armor: These gloves are unarmored, which is no secret. There are thicker padding nubs over the knuckles, but I'm not under any illusions that they'd do much good in a crash. I feel better with carbon armor on the backhand, but the few gloves I've found that have it cost over $60 and none have fit me well so far.

    Warmth: It's usually in the 50's when I ride in in the mornings, and I reach speeds of up to 70mph on the 20 minute commute. In that time, I can actually feel the cold on my hands. As a veteran of Minnesota winters, I know what good gloves are capable of and these don't do it; If I were taking a long ride through near-freezing temperatures, I don't think these would perform very well.

    However, winter riding gloves have to walk the line between articulation, and warmth of insulation. I doubt you can get both, at least for under $30. I sure wouldn't use these to go snowmobiling, but they're fine here where it's milder, and their slight clunkiness is better than the numb hands I get in thin, vented leather gloves.

    Value:: Couldn't do much better for under $22, I don't think. Maybe waterproof glove liners in an unvented leather glove would be just as cost-effective, I haven't tried it.

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