• MSF Class, T-CLOCS, FINE-C, ATGATT, and more

    MSF Class, T-CLOCS, FINE-C, ATGATT, and more

    So, back to riding related posts ...

    For the new people, potential new riders, returning riders, and people who've never taken it ... The MSF class (BRC) is your best bet to learning how to ride safely and living to ride another day. What, you say you've been riding 20 years anddon't need the MSF Class? Take the ERC class anyway, it can't hurt and you might learn something.

    The MSF Class ... sponsered by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation ... is run in every state. Harley also has their own program called Riders Edge I believe, and it is very similar. The Basic Rider Course (BRC) teaches you everything you need to learn how to ride a bike safely and correctly, and should be a MUST for every rider. Many of us who post here will swear to the benefit of the MSF class. Once you have some miles under your belt, the Experienced Rider Course (ERC) is a great way to fine tune the skills you've developed, and to catch and eliminate any bad ones you might be developing.

    T-CLOCS and FINE-C ... they're not just fancy acronyms, they're important. What are they, you ask? Well, take the MSF class of course and you'll learn. But, they stand for:

    T-CLOCS = Tires - Controls, Lights, Oil (and other fluids), Chasis, Sidestand
    FINE-C = Fuel, Ignition, Neutral, Engine (on) - Clutch

    Various books may define them slightly differently, but this is the general idea.

    It's very easy to get laxidasical (sp?) about T-CLOCS, especially if you have a new bike, but I'd suggest getting in the habit of always checking the tires and fluids at least once a week if you don't do it before every ride. If you're bike has hibernated for more than a week or so, then it is imperative to check the tire pressure before you venture out for a ride. Sure, your fluids may all be okay after the long rest, but those tires could have lost some air. Low air pressure and motorcycle riding is NOT a good combo.

    Then we have FINE-C ... man, this one will bite you so often ... and you'll feel like an idiot too. If you're asking yourself "Why won't my bike start", it's most likely that you forgot FINE-C. Again, if your bike has been hibernating and you turned your fuel to OFF ... it isn't going to go very far if you start it up, ya know? LOL Also, it's good to make sure you don't have it on Reserve ... like that you forgot to switch it to ON after your last fuel up. Running the bike on RES is fine ... until you're out of gas. Bikes don't have a RES-RES setting as far as I know. LOL

    Now, maybe you're from the south and you can still ride ... :P ... after saying that, we all need to pay attention to the temperature. Air pressure in the tires can go down in cold weather, so T-CLOCS. As others have mentioned previously, Cold tires and Cold pavement are not a good combo. Traction comes from the tires, and you want them warm to grip. Cold tires in cold temps are gonna take a lot longer to warm up than a quick summer ride. So, if you venture out this time of year, be aware of the temp and your tires.

    ATGATT ... learn it, live it, DO IT. Okay ... MC riding is all about personal choice, and I respect that. Ride in full gear, ride naked, that's your choice and I respect that ... though I'm thinking the naked part may cause you some problems, some legal. LOL But, for beginner riders most of us will strongly recommend ATGATT ... All The Gear All The Time. That's MC suitable gear from head to toe. Full Face (FF) helmets preferred, but 3/4 okay, MC jacket that is either MC Leather or armored textile or mesh. MC armored gloves. MC armored riding pants or leathers or Draggin jeans (Kevlar reinforced). Boots of some kind, preferably MC boots. Why? Because that's all you have between you and the pavement. Gear can save you, not just your life, but lots of skin too. Learn to ride with ATGATT, and live to make the future decision on how much gear you want to wear, and so on.
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