• 1997 Honda VF750 Magna

    (not highly recommended as a beginner bike)

    When I rode one of these bikes (a used 97) I didn't want to return it! What a handler, give this bike a road with plenty of S-curves and it's right at home. If it weren't for the fact that my feet were in front of me I would have to remind myself that this isn't a sport-bike. The styling is top notch, I don't think I would want to alter much. Perhaps a set of aftermarket slash-cut styled pipes, an air filter kit/jet kit(does anybody make a hypercharger for them?), and perhaps a racer-back styled seat for a more streamlined look and that's all I'd want. Maybe I'd have the stock wheels polished and plated. They look great but need some more gleam to them...

    So some would complain about chain drive as the older Mags had drive shafts. Shafts are horse-thieves, if you stick a shaft on the mighty Mag, you're sticking a shaft into the fun factor. If you want a shaft, get a touring machine. This bike is built for peg grinding!

    I've heard a few Magna owners gripe about the small fuel capacity, most tap the reserve before 100 miles have elapsed. It would seem that Honda would do well to listen here, it seems that this is the common beef across the entire line of Honda cruisers: BIGGER TANKS! The "fun-factor" is what I give this nimble accelerator-happy bike 5 stars for. To summarize the bike: I needed a plastic surgeon to get that silly grin off my face!
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