• 1982 Yamaha Seca XJ750

    Well, let me first say that is a fantastic bike. There are several feature that this bike has stock, that you wont find on other bikes. These remarks are my initial impression after riding about 50-60 miles today. Other remarks will come once I get a few hundred miles on it.

    Look: This is a pretty decent looking bike. The one gripe that I have is that the engine, like many yamahas, is not painted, or polished. It makes it difficult to keep clean and looking good over the years. In addition, the chome painted plastic has lost its luster over the years. Also, the square headlight is kind of a turn off..all minor in retrospect.

    Feel: This a big bike, dont let its compact size fool you. Its ~530 pounds dry, and the center of gravity is a bit high for most. The gal that I bought if off of said she learned how to ride on this bike, and she weighed at most 100 pounds. So, as a beginners bike, its feasible, but not recommended. Also, the bike is kind of front heavy, so low speed maneuvers are a bit tricky. Higher speed turns and leans are quite easy though.

    Power: its a 750 cc engine, and by spec it puts out 82 HP. Its powerful for most sane people, and while I didn't open it up all the way today during its test ride, it still had more to give.

    Ride: Being that its a 5 speed tranny, its a little high revving on the highway over 60 mph. Not as much as much as my kawisaki, but more than my magna. Fantastic commuting vehicle....

    Overall, it's a blast to ride, and its plenty powerful. It's got a little to be desired when it comes to highway travel with the 5 speed, its got a good amount of vibration.

    If you have a chance to pick one up cheap, go for it. You won't be disappointed.
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