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    There are many great bikes to start on - I could list them and give you really good reasons why they are a good bikes to start on, however, this write up is about a bike I know well - the Buell Blast.

    Its a single cylinder bike - a Thumper - is the slang term, however, due to its engine mounting system vibration is only noticable at idle to off idle - 1000 to 2000 rpms - and is smooth after that - a tell tale if your lugging it is if you can feel any vibration - lol - oil/air cooled add to its simplicity of make, maintenance,. and reliability - this engine is the most reliable HD product to date - lol - is easy to care for and repair - and modify - still it has been pointed out countless times - why the low power output?

    Power is aimed at the beginner comfort level, still top speed is ignition controlled to 95 mph, and you can cruise at 70 with power for passing - lol - true you won't be a speed demon with the stock set up, however, you'll still be faster than a majority of cars. There are many faster beginner bikes than a stock Blast, but the idea of the bike is to learn and step up, or fall into the 'Dark side' and modify (you can always step or keep her later if another bike catches your eye, and you add to the stable). Want some more zip - do the Buell Pro-Series stuff and you'll be smiling, you want to get serious and build a giant killer 70 hp Blast - there are kits for that as well - of course by then you are deep into the Dark side - lol - and a bit poorer as well.

    Now you have this nice simple - reliable motor - enter Erik Buell - knowing from the start that any bike with his name on it will have to live in the twisties - he made this bike to handle! You'll find yourself confident in the corners, low weight CG and a very solid frame all add to the bikes handling - when you start getting really into angles in your corners, you'll scrape the rubber on your pegs - many a Blast rider has beveled pegs and those who plan to keep the bike a while usually pick up rear sets to raise the controls up and back a bit, and superbike bars or other lower style options. Manuverability is this bikes strong point! (and if you want to get track serious - there are aftermarket suspension pieces as well)

    This bike has several other beginner features that should be noted: If droped, replacement parts, mirrors, signals, etc.are all inexpensive to replace, are flexable, and the plasics color runs all the way through so most scratches can just be sanded out. A tight friction zone - though frowned upon by some instructors as not being beginner friendly is actually an easy thing to get used to and prepares you for other sport bikes - most all of which have a tight friction zone. Mega low maintenance - just check the air and oil - 95 % of the time that is the only regular maintenance chores you'll have to perform on the bike. An automatic choke leaves no hastles there as well. The transmission is the same as the big Buells and as such means that you use firm pressure to shift which is rewarded by a corresponding engine click sound - new bikes thunk more than click till the bike/rider are broken in - lol - but this translates into a pretty bullit proof tranny and one less thing to worry about. The hand control levors are especially designed for easier pulling, foot shifter is adjustable, and a two height option is offered by exchanging seats - 27.5 inches or 25.5 inches. This bike is probably the first modern bike built fully with the beginner in mind - I love simplicity!

    If you want something different (not a lot of these on the road because realistically Buell is a small company - only 3% of HD sales - thus the 3%ers), something that can really handle, and a bike built with elemental simplicity its motto and the beginner in mind - then the Blast could be the bike for you!

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    Got Thump?! Just Blasting on the Dark side! EZ
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