• 2005 Suzuki M50

    I am new to the cycle world but have dreamed of riding since I was a kid. Well, finally I thought it was time to stop dreaming and just go for it. I was trained by a very experienced rider, passed the state test and purchased a Suzuki M50 Black. I realize that I do not have much to compare my new ride too because of the lack of experience, but this bike is awesome. It looks beautiful, sleek, and modern yet still implementing classic cruiser style. I like the chrome and love the way the M50's blacked out profile compliments it, making it stand out. The ride is even sweeter than the looks.

    Thanks to the EFI the bike starts flawlessly with a rumble that speeks to my soul. Shifting and riding the bike is generally easy. I am still breaking the bike in but at a quarter throttle the M50 takes off briskly. This 805cc has power beyond its size. I can't complain about the brakes, even though it only has a single front disk and a drum in the rear. The price was a value when one considers all the extras and power this bike brings to the table.

    Suggested MSRP is $6749. The competition does not offer a simillar bike with all that the M50 offers (EFI, tubless tires, shaft drive, 4.1 gallon tank, 805cc, and unriveled looks).

    Thanks for reading this article, please reply with and questions. I'm going riding .
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    Yes, correct direction.

    Yes, correct direction.

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    Ya :hello: and you put it on in the correct...

    Ya :hello:
    and you put it on in the correct direction, right ;) The little clip swims like a squid, head first, legs follow:


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    Can’t get the clip on [edit] Got it. Looks...

    Can’t get the clip on


    Got it. Looks solid.

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