• 2005 Yamaha 1100 Silverado

    My review and comparison is based on limited experience going from an '04 Yamaha V-Star 650 Classic to an '05 Star 1100 Yamaha Silverado. Bought used with 1,370 miles from a private party.

    Physically the 1100 is not much longer than the 650, it weighs at least 100 lbs. more, but feels bigger in size, and has approximately 25 more horsepower. The 650 V-Star is about 39 horsepower and the 1100 about 65. The extra power is definitely noticeable as well as the difference in the sound of the engine. Much deeper sounding with the stock pipes on the 1100. This is built for more comfort on longer trips compared to the 650.

    Handling is more stable and smoother due to the extra weight and how it is distributed. I have had no problems with the extra weight in parking lots or tight slow turns compared to the 650. On the road it handles very well and feels fairly stable at highway speeds even with wind and trucks and the extra power can get you up and out in a hurry. There is some vibration felt thru my feet on the floorboards but not overly distracting Going through various curves, on-ramps and other turns is very stable and easy to accomplish with this 1100. It is easy to take it around most of these curves at normal speeds and it has the power to zip thru if you need to and know how to handle it.

    Could this be a first motorcycle for a newer beginner? Possibly, but you have to consider the weight and power compared to other smaller engine sized options. I am not sorry I started out on the V-Star 650 even though I like the overall experience of the 1100 better, and I'm still somewhat of a beginner.

    Brakes are excellent with 2 disks up front and one in the rear. The cast aluminum wheels are easier to clean and you don't have the spokes to contend with. Self canceling turn signals are a nice touch that many other makes don't have. It's air cooled and you do get heat off the engine at a stop that you can feel on your legs. Shifting is heavier on the 1100 due to a bigger clutch and fly wheel assembly I'm told.

    My gas mileage has been around 36-38 mpg so far and it is a bit disappointing. The 650 did about 45-50mpg. I'm hoping it will improve. Finish on the Yamaha line is generally excellent with steel fenders, and a great paint job. There is plenty of chrome to blind just about anybody, but there is always room for more.

    List price on the Silverado about $9,400 but used they are less if you can find one. For a number of buyers these are not the last motorcycle they will own as they often upgrade to a bigger motorcycle. For me, this is IT, I don't plan on moving up, down or sideways and just keep riding.
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