• Vance & Hines pipes (Honda Aero 750)

    I've had these on my Aero 750 for about 2 months now and absolutely love the sound from these pipes. The give the 750 a big bike sound, that is indistinguishable from other bigger bikes, and or Harleys on the road.

    Overall sound is fairly deep and very throaty. My preference would be for it to be just a little deeper, but that may not be possible with a 750. The nice thing about the sound is that at low throttle they are not that loud and are quite manageable, it's when you crack open the throttle that they really rip.

    These pipes are a good 5-10 pounds lighter than the stock exhaust.

    Overall quality seems to be pretty good, but I did have a hard time with the front exhaust getting a good seal. I went through two gaskets to get a good seal on the front exhaust.

    Installation time was around an hour, then another 1/2 hour getting the front exhaust to seal properly.

    I also have the Stage 2 Dynojet jet kit installed on my bike using the 136 jet. I also removed the snorkel from the air cleaner. The bike has a similar feel off the line to the stock set up, but once you hit the mid range the bike picks up much better than stock. I would say power output is about the same until you reach about 3000 RPM from that point I'd say there is a good 4-6 horsepower more than stock.

    With the Dynojet kit you also get a free dyno run, which I plan on scheduling sometime in the near future to get an exact number on overall horsepower with the changes to the bike.

    With the V & H Cruzers on my bike I smile every time I fire it up, definitely worth the money paid.
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