• Aerostitch Warm Wraps

    Warm wraps, it's not just a lunch menu item. Now that it's getting cooler in parts of the country, for some riders it's time to get into the winter riding frame of mind. One common problem is cold hands. There are a number of options, ranging from electric gloves, to heated grips, to inexpensive grip warmers. Last year I commuted through the winter and experimented with Aerostitch's Warm Wraps; heating elements that wrap around your existing grips. Unlike true heated grips, where you have to replace your existing hardware, wraps simply need to go over standard grips and hooked to a power source.

    The Aerostitch Warm Wraps come sandwiched in a rubber layer, one side is felt (the inside) and the other has a pebble grain non-slip surface (the outside). They simply attach with velcro, one for each grip. Each wrap has wiring that comes out and connects like a 'Y' to a plug. The power cord has two pigtails, these splice into either an ignition switched hot source, or directly to the battery. Hooking up to a battery is simpler, but be forwarned you may forget and leave the switch on, thus draining the battery.

    With the Aerostich Wraps installed, the grips are only slightly larger than usual. A simple on/off switch is provided, and the easiest way to mount it is to zip tie it to the handlebar. The wraps heat up quickly, before I'm at the end of the block they are pumping out heat. Because they are mounted on the outside of the grips, they cool off if I take my hands off the bars. But similarly they reheat quickly since they're right next to the palm. I could use my summer weight (Robomax Carbon) gloves with these on, until temperatures drop below 40F, even then a pair of mid-weight winter gloves (MotoGP Turn3) worked all winter long.

    The downside to these outside wraps and some heated grips, is that with several seasons of use, the wires are subject to bending every time the throttle is rotated. Maintaining some slack when installing them will ease the situation. The other thing is that the throttle side needs to be re-adjusted every few rides, as throttling on and off tends to rotate the wrap on the grip. I may experiment with some contact cement this season to tack the wrap in-place.

    For under $50, Warm Wraps are an affordable way to avoid frozen fingers this winter.
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